President Trump starts clogging the legislative pipes about Gun Control.

The Democrats giving up on Free Borders? It would be politically too costly. Of course, we need to make sure that the Republicans in the House and the Senate do not suffer from a sudden inset of weak spine and the law is so complicated and unconstitutional (Poison Pill), legislators will run away from it rather than have their name attached to a spanking from SCOTUS.

Add to that Mexico thinking they are in Europe and can sue the US for ” legal action against the United States for failing to protect its citizens.”  I don’t think that sat well on this side of the border, specially when you have about 1/3 of your country under the thumb of of Drug Cartels.

Maybe if they can get Judeg Judy…

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “And in two tweets…”
  1. 2017 numbers, as reported by the UN:
    Murder rate in Mexico: 24.8 per 100k.
    Murder rate in USA: 5.3
    What’s that old saying about living in glass houses?

  2. If Mexico is worried about the safety of their citizens, they can keep them at home.

    Maybe we can put a 30% tax on remittances to fund new mental health programs…

  3. I had a similar thought after I calmed down. I see a few scenarios.

    First is we get a bill made that is a red flag/immigration related bill and since democrats care more about illegal aliens than United states citizens the bill gets mixed reviews, no one is happy about it and the bill fails because many democrats won’t vote for it. Or passes the house but not the senate. Or just outright fails on the senate.

    Second scenario dems go all out attaching insane things like a full out gun bans with confiscation. Which is fine by the Democrats because they want all 100 million plus gun owners to be exterminated so making them felons is a consolation prize. Republicans kill the bill or even some democrats think it goes to far and again won’t vote for it. The worst thing you can do an election cycle is pushing extreme gun control. A few dems in red states vote against it out of political fear.

    Third scenario which I think is the most likely it is that you get a red flag bill introduced with some immigration reform caveats which pisses off some Democrats and then the republicans decide to introduce more reasonable bill and force votes on the most erroneous bills you could ever imagine. Everyone gets pissed at each other along party lines and with a and nothing passes.

    Fourth is we get a red flag bill passed and signed aiding the republicans to lose bad in 2020 and the democrats take over everything permanently and then pass legislation in January 2021 to ban private gun ownership. All guns illegal. All semi automatic rifles illegal. All handguns illegal. All shotguns illegal. All guns must be given to the government. Guns owners don’t. Democrats try to enforce it and the results will be ugly.

    1. You can’t repeal an Amendment via legislation alone. The Bill, even if signed would not be legal. Things are going to get ugly anyway.

      1. PR, you’re correct as to the letter of the supreme law. The problem is that only a handful of people in the government, any branch of it, have even the slightest respect for the letter of the supreme law. Instead, nearly all of them think that “constitutional” translates simply to “whatever some judge lets me get away with”

    2. most likely situation is Rs and Ds get together with a BIG Harrumph! to pass a red-flag bill that includes anonymous reporting. and with that we’re off to the races to have all the no-gun folks red-flag-swatting all the responsible gun owners.

  4. Probably the best way to ensure that universal background checks never get passed would be to marry it to a bill with Immigration Reform. I don’t know if Trump knows this or not, but that’s almost irrelevant. The Democrats absolutely cannot have any type of Immigration reform pass unless it’s complete amnesty for all illegal aliens and at this point, open borders. They don’t give a damn about saving lives and universal background checks are just backdoor registration, we all know this, but they’ll drop it like a hot potato if they find out the only way it passes is to cut off their supply of illegal alien votes.

  5. If the lefties were serious about making things better in the U.S., they would vote to stop the illegal alien invasion. However, as they have believed since Lenin, “the worse the situation, the better” for them and their chances of obtaining power.

    Never forget: ANY person or group that says, “Since Person A misused their rights, we should take those same rights away from all other people,” is a flat-out totalitarian entity that should NEVER be entrusted with ANY power. In this country, the Founders decreed that people pay for their OWN crimes ONLY, not those of other people over whom they had no control.

    As far as I’m concerned, the left (yes, that includes all Democrats) and their sympathizing “useful idiots” are worthless, traitorous scum who can all go straight to Hell. However, they can go there on their own schedule UNLESS they try to abrogate my Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. At that point I’ll do my absolute best to speed up their arrival time by every means I can bring to bear.

    If those on the left want to see a second, and much more deadly, American civil war, let them try to start confiscating guns. They’ll get it.

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