I finally game myself time to red about the Florida Bill to impose the death penalty on Child Rapists.  I was looking for some reactions to the bill from some lefties I had seen, and I bumped into this tweet:

I highlighted the date on purpose. Amendment 813391, filed on 3/30/2023 and approved on 3/31/2023 reads:

This order is repeated several times in the bill. The “confusion” comes with this section of the bill about Jury recommendations:

So, Reuters and many other Propagandists lie about the bill at least 2 weeks later after the amendments.

Same as with the Zimmerman case, Jury recommendations were used to throw people off the rest of the bill. I have no idea how or why Jury Recommendations work in Florida (I know previous cases have been dismissed for lacking to give choices to juries), but it does not matter if 8 out of 12 recommend death penalty, the bill is firm on unanimous finding on two aggravating factors. It is only after the Jury has found unanimously on two aggravating factors that only 8 can decided to recommend the death penalty, otherwise is a recommendation for Life in Prison.



As usual, the truth of the bill is much more than the simplistic views given by the Propaganda Media including a long list of mitigating circumstances to be included in the considerations. My prediction? Everybody is target fixated with the death penalty, but what will really be capitalized is Life Without Parole which is the almost automatic default for when Juries may balk at having the child rapist injected with the cocktail.

Once again, Read The Bill. Make your own observations.

And by the way, Dear Tennessee Legislature, you should be thinking really hard about doing your own law.




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