And sometimes, you just have to pick civilization. Your civilization. The one that still does more tangible, philanthropic good for more Muslims around the world, than almost any Muslim country. While at the same time staunchly guaranteeing the right of the Jewish state (and therefore the Jews themselves) to exist.

Da’esh weren’t an imminent threat to the United States. Da’esh were a threat to Muslims of the Levant. Many of those same ISIS men fled to new ground, like Gaza, when their caliphate failed. And they still talk the same talk about Islamic theocracy. And promise the same death to Jews, Christians, any Muslims who won’t obediently get in line, etc.

Almost every Muslim nation in the Levant knows these cretins are a disaster for anyone who trucks with them. Even Iran wouldn’t want anything to do with them except Iran sees them as effective proxy fighters against the people Iran’s leadership already hates. While Iran continues to oppress its own people.

There is no gain in appeasing the jihad. Doesn’t matter how the jihad cloaks itself in righteousness, claiming to fight for freedom, while beheading toddlers and raping concert-goers. And there is no wisdom in ignoring the jihad, pretending that if we somehow keep our noses out of it the jihad will magically pass us by, or stop caring.

That’s not how this works. Because the whole point of the jihad is to never leave us alone. Not America. And not any other liberal Western nation, either.

Brad R. Torgersen

And we have to understand and accept that a lot of countries and cultures in the world cannot and will not adapt to our values. Individual rights are simply a concept they are unable to comprehend and much less learn. It is like trying to teach colors to somebody who was born blind and deaf.

And unfortunately, some of those cultures, especially the violent ones only understand superior power and deadly consequences: If you are stronger and have no problem applying that power, then they will not mess around with you. We as a country can start by eliminating the idea of Nation Re-Building after a conflict: Let them spend decades picking up ruble and rebuilding infrastructure on their own without any help from us. Teach them, deadly if necessary that actions have consequences.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on ““And sometimes, you just have to pick civilization.””
  1. I was thinking about this while reading some op-eds describing Hamas as a new Nazi movement with the same goals as the old one. One spoke of the Hamas attack as not like 9/11, but more like Dunkirk was for Britain: the start of a total war with survival at stake.
    That made me realize the objective of the good guys should be the same as it was then, and stated in the same words: “unconditional surrender”.
    But it also made me wonder about what comes after. Germany and Japan were allowed to return to self-government after just a few years, even though neither had any track record in democracy and both had over a decade of totalitarian government with all the propaganda that implies. Somehow, that sort of lenient treatment doesn’t seem plausible here. I’m not sure how exactly to express the difference, though.

  2. It makes perfect sense when you realize islam is a political system disguised as a religion.
    And, it is a political system of power, control, and oppression. It’s source of power comes from keeping the population down, poverty stricken, and subservient.
    There is no way a country that is based on a belief in fundamental human rights will ever be able to understand or deal equally in a cooperative manner with these people. They can and will lie, cheat, and steal in order to subjugate you. They will pretend diplomacy, but in the end, their goal is conquest of your country, ownership of your land, and destruction of your political system.
    There is no redeeming value of this so-called religion. It can do nothing but destroy.

  3. The true Islamic has been taught from birth, literally, to promote the ‘Religion of Peace’ to bring praise to Allah. They are brainwashed from birth to believe that only Islamists serve the true god named, Allah. All other names for god spoken by all other people anger Allah. Therefore, there is no Peace in Islam until Allah is praised by all on earth.
    Peace only comes by war against non-believers and infidels. Any other idea of peace is a lie, is heresy, which angers Allah. Peace can only be achieved for Allah when we’ve killed all who oppose Allah. Allahu Akbar!! Pease is a byproduct of a righteous holy war against all non-Islamists. Procreation is Allah’s gift to enable the blessings of Allah upon us as we struggle to bring peace to Allah by cleansing the Allah’s earth from the evil people who oppose Allah.
    The reason Islamists put their families on the front lines of war is because they are taught that by doing so, they are being merciful to them, by giving them to Allah in death, which they covet, for the praise of Allah. The earth will only be at peace when the religion of true peace prevails.
    Only the Jews claim to be “The People of the True God Jehovah”. Therefore, there is no greater calling for an Islamist than to cleanse the earth of the Jew. No one makes a more bold claim which offends Islam than a Jew. And since Christians embrace the Jewish Old Testament, they too are hybrid Jews and must also be brought to an end in order to bring about the true Religion of Peace, Islam.
    If you understand the prophecy published by Old Testament Jews and New Testament writers (six converted Jews and one Gentile Christian) then you know that only Jehovah God will defeat the people of the false satanic god Allah in the moments before complete Jewish extermination.

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