A medical examiner confirmed the cause of death Tuesday for Christian singer Mandisa Hundley, who was found dead in her Franklin home on April 18 at the age of 47.

Dr. Feng Li told The Tennessean an autopsy showed the Grammy-winning “Overcomer” singer died from complications of class III obesity. Her manner of death was listed as natural, Li said.

Cause of death of American Idol alum Mandisa revealed (tennessean.com)

And allow me to be a bit frank: She went out the easy way. Class III obesity is what used to be called morbid obesity which led to diabetes and heart issues. But what is worse is that you are one lower body injury away from being condemned to lay in bed and having to live with soiled underwear until somebody shows up to wipe you clean…at a cost.

Losing weight is a cast iron bitch, I know, I been there. But I have also seen what it does in others and the stripping of basic humanity it does to those that cannot move on their own anymore.


I’ve been there.

If that fat ass can do it, so can you.

Almost 2 and a half years and 200 pounds later.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “And speaking of Body Positive”
  1. Best thing you ever did for your long term health was take your weight seriously. Good job too.
    These “body positive” efforts might make someone feel OK about their weight (although I doubt it.), but it is destroying their health. Stories like this, where someone who is morbidly obese died from it, need to get the same traction as the “healthy fat” ones. Yes, it is possible to be twice your recommended weight and still be “healthy.” But, the people who can do that are one in a million… no more likely one in 25 or 100 million. Which means the average person who is convinced they can be perfectly healthy but still be 100 (or more) pounds overweight are not likely the “healthy” one.
    It is an absolute injustice that this story about Mandisa Hundley’s death will get almost zero coverage, whereas we will be inundated with stories about how great it is Lizzo is comfortable being a fat ass.

    1. Yes, you can be very heavy and still healthy, if you’re a professional football player or a sumo wrestler.

      I cringe at the notion of “shaming”. There may be a kernel of truth behind it: it certainly is not helpful to inflict mental abuse on people for being overweight. But avoiding that shouldn’t mean pretending that being grossly overweight is a normal and reasonable way to be.

      1. That, right there is the problem with the (so-called) body positive movement.
        The opposite of “inflicting mental abuse” on obese people is not “encouraging them” to ignore their weight, or actually think they are healthy at any weight. It is letting doctors, nurses, and medical professionals tell them it is bad for their health, without fear of reprisals from the social media harpies. It is refusing to celebrate Lizzo as a beauty figure.
        Body positive restricts doctors from talking truthfully about weight. It prevents the news from saying a morbidly obese person died because they refused to lose weight.
        I am no angel here. To make it to the upper end of my healthy weight (per BMI) I need to lose a minimum of 35 pounds, 45 would be better, but 35 gets me to a “healthy” BMI. Am I likely to do that? No, let’s be realistic here, I like food and drink too much, and dislike exercise to the same level. But, I am not telling anyone that my weight is healthy, or they should look at my hippopotamus like upper body as a desirable thing.

  2. I just watched an argument between a very left leaning associate of mine and a friend of his. My associate claimed that only the ‘right’ puts out absolute lies and nonsense. His friend pointed out the whole ‘body positive nonsense’ and my associate jumped through all sorts of hoops to justify it.
    Yeah, ‘shaming’ is wrong, but there’s nothing to be proud of to be grossly overweight.

    1. Being proud of your weight, or body shape, is a personal choice.
      Demanding that I agree is something totally different.
      Sorry, but Lizzo (and I pick on her because she is the latest victim of body positive) is not beautiful. Her body is not attractive to me in any way. But, the body positive movement demands, absolutely DEMANDS, that I say she is beautiful.
      I will not shame obese people.
      But, I will not celebrate them either.

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