I saw J.Kb.’s post and I thought it was a good reminder why we keep shotguns without a round in the chamber.


Now let’s discuss how the safeties work on your shotgun. The two most popular pump-action shotguns on the market, the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500. Both have safeties that engage the trigger of the gun, rather than the action.

Cruiser Ready… For Action – AmmoMan School of Guns Blog

I know I am going to use the wrong terminology, but basically the spring-loaded firing pin of the shotguns are not secured with the safety and certain movements can make it displace enough to strike the primer of a loaded shell.  Do read the article in the link above for a much better description and explanation.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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3 thoughts on “And that is why you keep a shotgun in “cruiser ready” mode.”
  1. I haven’t yet read the article, but that’s not the action. 870s have a hammer. Somehow, the hammer was released. Maybe from negligence, maybe from a mechanical failure.

    IMHO, his chief problem was where the muzzle was pointed.

  2. My 2cents worth- in my state having ANY long gun in a vehicle with a mag in or shells in the tube is considered a LOADED long gun- muy bad here. Having a defensive firearm around home with an empty chamber is not a good idea, UNLESS you have trained and trained and trained that way. Smelly stuff hits the rotating splatter device and you will lose fine motor skills and memory- is the shotgun loaded?? Is there a shell in chamber?? Pump the slide n check? Every defensive firearm I have is loaded, round chambered, safety on. My wife knows how to run them all( a couple she doesn’t like, but knows how they run).. I have trained extensively with what I have. My shotgun is a semi auto. It holds 8 in tube n 1 in the pipe. It has a crossbolt safety AND a “quick” safety, both on safe. Whether any safety on any of my firearms “fails” the only way they bang is if I pull trigger. Do what works for YOU. Train train train…muscle memory takes at least 1,000 repetitions to become “memory”..
    As dear ol dad used to say- THIMBK!! (Think!!)

  3. Whew thats a rough video, that dude certainly aint all right anymore. Ba dum tish

    Cruiser safe is wicked fast in getting the weapon into action, just work the pump and you’re good to go. We were a fan of it because if also gave you the option to make that first round special based on the situation. Do you need a slug, beanbag (be caaaaarreefuuullll), or something else based on the situation and then its backed up with a tube full of buckshot.

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