By his username profile, he seems to be in Connecticut.

First, the image itself: Staged Linemen are the norm not only in Florida but anywhere a natural disaster is upcoming. There was a staging area nearby where I used to live and almost next door to Dolphin stadium and it never ceased to amaze me the size of preparations. It is not only men and trucks but lines, poles, transformers, etc.

And as for the idiot: All power companies from different states have deals among themselves to assist each other in case of natural emergencies. They are paid by FEMA or State emergency resources and paid very well because they earn every frigging penny on a miserable job. Personally, I saw them work from 6:30 and not get back to their lodging till 10:30 to 11: pm for a shower, supper and a drink before crashing in bed.

The idea that a miserable jackass from the northeast moans about his pitiful money being used to pay for their work is sadly laughable. I am sure his monthly bill would not cover one hour of work for a crew doing disaster work.



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “And the Collateral Stupid Come Out with Hurricane Ian.”
  1. It still amazes me how F’in stupid people have become. Im sure when the northeast has a blizzard this stain will be the first one to whine and complain when his power isn’t instantly restored. Smart people prepare for problems… idiots point fingers and whine

  2. He’s kind of got a point though. Those of us that don’t live in Florida get to pay(through taxes and increased insurance premiums) to rebuild that state every time a hurricane rolls though. If we weren’t subsidizing that, nobody could afford to live there. We are paying for Florida resident’s decision to live in a guaranteed disaster zone. The same logic applies to LA and New Orleans.

      1. Judging by the 4 down votes I got, I’m assuming your “heh” translates to “Birdog is full of shit”? Care to elaborate on where my logic is faulty? Because if you make a good case, I’m man enough to admit fault.

        1. Where exactly is the weather perfect that people are allowed to live. The entire Atlantic seaboard is prone to being hit by hurricanes. Florida may be struck more often but they are also more prepared, but given how damaging Hurricane Sandy was, New York and New are out. Throw out California for floods, fires, and earthquakes. Thr Midwest for floods and tornados. The Northeast for blizzards and sou’westers. Every single part of this country is prone to one natural disaster or another, and as a decent people, we help each other out.

          1. Nowhere has perfect weather. Nowhere is free from disasters, you’re right on those points. But Florida is unique in that it’s a flat peninsula that seems to be 100% guaranteed to get hit with a major hurricane at least once a decade for any given area. I don’t like giving free money to people that knowingly build on flood planes either. You make the choice to live there, you live with the consequences of your decision. By paying for people to rebuild, time and time again, we reinforce the bad decisions, at the expense of people that don’t get a say in the matter. It’s fundamentally no different than giving welfare to druggies.

          2. So….. as much as CT sucks for other reasons, it is kind of Goldilocks when it come to weather.

            We get all the seasons, but we do have allergies.

            Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornado, and severe blizzards are rare; Long Island does a nice job protecting us.

            Humidity is present but not southern dripping bad.

            Summer is hot but not blistering west hot.

            Winter is cold but not Wisconsin cold.

  3. Just your typical attention whore saying ‘shocking’ things to try and get a response. The kind that puts ‘twit’ in Twitter.

  4. This jack off must not remember sandy where linemen from all over came into ct to restore power. Some people were without power for 2 weeks!

    Then again if he considered .gov contracting and paying private companies to repair infrastructure socialism, I’m sire he wouldn’t care either way.

    Maybe he’s a recent NYC transplant…

    1. And this is the case every time there is a disaster that hits a leftist utopia. They whine and cry and demand help. The amount of emergency relief funds sent to NY after Sandy was monstrous. And the left was screaming it wasn’t enough and that not enough people were volunteering to help.

      Then take a look at how NY responded to the great panic. The demanded nurses and doctors and many went to help. And then NY proceeded to figure out a way to tax the hell out of the money those doctors, nurses and EMT were paid.

      1. The biggest difference is that Florida learned from previous hurricanes and stages this in advance for when the SHTF. New York and New Jersey didn’t prepare so had to bed for help when the storm was over. They also enforced union rules and bullshit restrictions that slowed down the out if state workers. Florida doesn’t do that to people who come to help.

  5. I wonder how much of this is driven by the media’s hatred of DeSantis.
    As an escapee from the NY Metro area, I remember the utility people heading down to FL, NC/SC, GA etc. following hurricanes, and it was praised.
    But these days, FL is an evil state, run by an evil conservative governor. If this jackass is reading the papers in CT, he probably thinks it is God’s retribution against FL for having DeSantis as a Gov.

  6. In addition to helping fellow humans with specialized equipment and trained personnel, those agreement between utilities are also based on the idea that we’ll help you this time ’cause it may be us that needs help next time. Remember when the twin towers went down they took a lot of infrastructure with them,. Help arrived from all over the nation, from utilities, heavy construction companies, and individuals with specialized skills.

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