14 Replies to “And the dumbest gun comment of the day goes to..(drum roll)”

  1. My Ruger standard, 1911, and others would heartily disagree. They may not get shot as much as they used to but it’s me that doesn’t work that well anymore, not them.

  2. I would love to hear why Goober thinks a firearm made in 1968 doesn’t “work that well”.
    And if he doesn’t care about stuff made before 1900, maybe the time is right to crowdfund that C98 Mauser repro…

  3. An interesting question would be: how many guns currently on the market (new from active factories) are designs that have any substantial content newer than 1968?
    One that comes to mind: the Boberg pistols (now sold by Bond Arms), though even those have bits that are way older.
    Any others?

  4. Good God. The Stupid flows freely.

    Pretty much most of my safe is pre-1968, most of it pre-1945, some over 100 years old. All of it gets out of the safe for shooting. And, yes, I’d rely on some of them for daily carry. I don’t, of course, because they are historically significant and valuable, not because the don’t work reliably. I have no doubt a Victory S&W revolver, or a 1911, or a P-38, would work perfectly – but why would I carry a piece of history daily?

    As noted – a well-designed, well maintained firearm will last, for all intents and purposes, forever.

    He’s a moron.

  5. Do you think Mr. Missing-His-Nuts meant to say 1900 both times, instead of 1968? Probably not, since typing that would be a stretch to say you oopsied it, but even if Lacks-A-Willy meant pre-1900 guns don’t work, I’d venture a guess ze’s never heard of the Colt Navy, the Swiss Schmidt Rubin, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Sharps — good Lord. It would be more safe to say no one is using those due to their antique value rather than their inoperability. I’d say Sir Needs-A-Girlfriend should practice the art of shut-the-fuck-upperism.


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