BREAKING NEWS: Uvalde acting police chief RESIGNS after mayor vowed he ‘will be gone by the end of the week’: Damning new audio proves he KNEW there were ‘eight to nine’ children alive and needing rescue during massacre but failed to help

Lt. Mariano Pargas of the Uvalde Police Department has resigned from his position, days before he was likely to be dismissed at a ‘special meeting’ of the city’s council.

Pargas, 65, was the commanding officer on the scene when 19 children and two teachers were shot dead by crazed gunman Salvador Ramos on May 24 at Robb Elementary School.

The resignation comes days after CNN published damning audio and video that showed the officer failing to act and properly relay information about the unfolding attack.

The dispatcher told Pargas that there were eight or nine students still alive inside of the classroom. He asked the dispatcher: ‘This calls you got in from the… from one of the students, what did they say?’ She answers: ‘Ok, Khloie’s going to be, it’s Khloie. She’s in Room 112, Mariano, 112.’

The dispatcher goes on to tell Pargas: ‘Eight to nine are still alive. She’s not too sure… She’s not too sure how many are actually DOA or possibly injured. We’re trying.’ He replies: ‘Ok, ok thanks’ and then hangs up.

A minute later, Pargas is shown relaying the information he obtained to a Border Patrol agent inside of a Robb Elementary School hallway. However, when Pargas goes outside to talk with a Texas Ranger outside of the school, he didn’t mention the 911 call.

McLaughlin said: ‘I think if we’d have had this, all this, and I think if we would have had your video and what we saw and everything we saw last night, I think Mariano would have been gone sooner, in my opinion, would have been gone.’

They knew there were kids still alive, a lieutenant was told by dispatch but did nothing to act on that information.

If this man had any decency left, he’d go home and eat his service weapon.

If he doesn’t, I wouldn’t convict a grieving parent gave him service weapon gavage.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “And the story of the Uvalde school shooting gets worse still..”
  1. I have some extra weapons that I will happily give to any surviving parents that need them. I found them in the lake, but they still work.

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