Via NRA-ILA we find about armed citizens in Ashtabula County, Ohio captured an armed criminal. That on itself is newsworthy and congrats to the citizens of Ashtabula for keeping themselves safe. The County was deprived of their normal LEO numbers of five vehicles to two when the County Commissioners cut down on the budget. funding and this two cars are supposed to cover a total area of 1,368 square miles. Of course we heard from the Sheriff and the standard “leave this for the professionals” speech but reality is a very different bag of cats and there is no way that 102,728 people, 39,397 households, and 27,774 families can depend on two cars to keep them safe.

In the comment section of the original link above, the praise and support for the “posse” makes the majority of the entries. Of course we have the whining bunch afraid of armed citizens defensing themselves. How come they are not afraid of the damned criminals intent on doing their nasties on them is still something I can’t quite comprehend. Here are some of the comments:

Mentor, OH
This is just hilljack justice at its worst. People like Kusar and his band of thugs are the reason we moved out of Ashtabula county. Let the professionals do their job.

This individual stop doing any kind of thinking after reading the word “posse.” He was told by another contributor that there are not enough professionals to do the job but it still shows the kind of numb-mind that populates our country.

Oslo, Norway
This is rather scary. Has it become common, to wander armed in large groups or is this a regional thing

Scary only if you are a criminal.

Wait a second
North Olmsted, OH
Thankfully, this story had a “good” ending. But what if it hadn’t? Encouraging people to tote guns and engage in vigilante justice is just asking for somebody to get killed.

Nobody engaged in vigilante nothing but that is lost on this individual. The armed criminal (again, armed) was apprehended. Did I say ARMED? How do you engage armed criminals? With 911 and a can of wishful thinking?

It is good to see that we are recovering some backbone and testicular fortitude in this country. Good for the people of Ashtabula County.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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