And they call us Nazis – Pennsylvania edition

Remember the Illinois Nazi running in Chicago as a Republican who being denounced by the GOP and is guaranteed to lose?

The Democrats have gone full “hold my beer” on him.

Top Dem candidate gave millions to groups advocating for taxing families ‘to the hilt’ for ‘irresponsible breeding’

Scott Wallace, a liberal millionaire candidate running for Congress in Pennsylvania, has given millions of dollars to so-called population control groups.

Such groups have advocated for taxing parents “to the hilt” for having more than two children, calling it “irresponsible breeding,” and said abortion is “a highly effective weapon” to combat overpopulation.

Zero Population Growth (ZPG) was among the organizations that received the money from the [Wallace Global Fund]. According to public records, it received $420,000 between 1997 and 2003.

[ZPG] also blamed the overpopulation on the “white middle-class” that “use up more than their share of resources and do more than their share of polluting” and urged them to “voluntarily limit their families to two children.”

Paul Ehrlich, who co-founded the ZPG, once called abortion “a highly effective weapon in the armory of population control.” The goal of the organization, which changed its name to Population Connection in 2002, has remained the same since its inception, arguing that the world needs to contain population growth with particular emphasis on American families.

Yep, that’s pretty fucking bad.

This is an ideology that is truly anti-human.  It treats people entirely as a liability and not a benefit.  Humans are reduced to entirely what they consume, regardless of their production.  It is also viciously racist in a Social Justice way, blaming and targeting white people.

Taking a break from the moral issue for just a second, that whole part about “blamed the overpopulation on the ‘white middle-class’” is doubly insane since that is a substantial portion of the American tax base.  We, and much of Europe and Japan, are already seeing the problems associated with a reduction in the size of the productive middle class population as baby boomers retire.

This is a topic I am particularly sensitive to given the history of targeting Jews for population reduction.  Limiting the number of children people can have is genocide.  It just uses time instead of gas chambers.

It is a Malthusian evil.

He’s also (as you might expect) a raging anti-Semite.

Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania will not endorse Scott Wallace, the Democratic nominee in the 1st Congressional District, in his November race against Republican incumbent Brian Fitzpatrick, DJOP founder Jill Zipin said.

The lack of endorsement for a Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania is a first for DJOP, Zipin said.

In the wake of news that Wallace, 66, served as co-chair of a family-operated fund that was revealed to have endorsed organizations that were supportive of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, DJOP members met with Wallace in late May.

“Many Jewish groups are coming to the same conclusion that the families in Bucks and Montgomery counties have,” Haley Bova, a spokesperson for Team Fitzpatrick, said in a written statement. “The more you know about Scott Wallace, the less there is to like. The fact that he sat atop a family foundation that gave him access to untold wealth, and then he used his foundation to funnel literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to various extreme anti-Israel hate groups that are entrenched in the BDS movement, tells us all we need to know about Scott Wallace.”

So the Democrats are running a Jew hating racist who wants to reduce the human population in a very systematic way using the heavy hand of government.

Why do I feel like I’ve read about that platform elsewhere in history?

That sound you are not hearing is the Democratic party not denouncing this guy because:

The race in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District is among the most high-stakes election in the country in the upcoming midterms. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) added Wallace’s candidacy to its “Red to Blue” program aimed at flipping the district.

Neither Fitzpatrick nor Wallace have staked a clear advantage in the race. A Monmouth University poll released June 4 has Fitzpatrick getting support of 48 percent of likely voters in a “standard” midterm electorate to Wallace’s 47 percent. But with a “surge” of Democratic voters, similar to other races in 2017-18, Wallace has the edge at 48 percent to Fitzpatrick at 47 percent.

He’s got a solid chance of winning.

There you go, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats will run their own Nazi and back him to the hilt if it means gaining a seat in Congress.

Just add this to the list of reasons I’m looking forward to ACW2.  When a politician starts talking about targeted population control – especially an anti-Semitic one – it’s a reminder why I am such an ardent 2A advocate.


4 Replies to “And they call us Nazis – Pennsylvania edition”

  1. He is blaming the “white middle-class” for the “overpopulation problem.” However, the birth rate for this demographic has been declining for years. If one truly want’s to limit population growth one should target minorities and immigrants. Of course, openly admitting that that is you goal would be detrimental to your election. After he and his socialist cronies take power, well that’s a different story.

  2. Can’t give up! Spread the word in Pennsylvania to everyone you can think of. This guy is a menace! Don’t vote for him! If you can’t stomach voting Republican, then just stay home!

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