And this is why we will lose our gun rights.

I bumped into this pic in another blog:

Before I continue, I want to remind you of a quote from the movie Absence of Malice that old readers know I like to use a lot:

So right out the bat, let me tell you that for the most part, the NRA hate meme is accurate but not the truth.

Back in the early 70s, there was an internal fight inside the NRA. There was a group in charge who believed in staying away from politics and that the organization should just dedicate itself to hunting and the shooting sports of the time. There was another group that saw how gun rights were eroding fast, specially after the Gun Control Act of 1968 and wanted to do something about it. Finally in 1975 during an annual meeting in Cincinnati , the old guard was knocked down and the new NRA was born which went on to form the lobby groups to fight further gun control.  You may want to take the time  and Google bout The Cincinnati Revolt.

So, although the NRA of 1934 supported the NFA and the other one didn’t do shit against GCA 68, to assign those gigantic fails to the NRA of today is and underhanded tactic, worthy of our Gun Control enemies. We have seen Moms Demand and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence use the same lies to erode at the base of the NRA. What I never suspected is that they were going to be so successful attracting Gun Owners to fall for it. And not only fall for it, but defend and spread the lie with a fanatical conviction.

Let’s move to FOPA. Contrary to the meme, the Firearms Owner Protection Act is not a machine gun ban law. If anybody cared to research, it was actually designed to allow gun owners not to be trapped in interstate travelling with firearms when crossing gun hostile states and to correct many fails of GAC 68. Once again, the meme is accurate saying that the NRA supported FOPA because it did many good things.  Some of the stuff FOPA did: “The Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 (FOPA) addressed the (ATF) abuses noted in the 1982 Senate Judiciary Subcommittee report. Among the reforms intended to loosen restrictions on gun sales were the reopening of interstate sales of long guns on a limited basis, legalization of ammunition shipments through the U.S. Postal Service, removal of the requirement for record keeping on sales of non-armor-piercing ammunition, and federal protection of transportation of firearms through states where possession of those firearms would otherwise be illegal.

What it is misleading is that the meme does not mention specifically the Hughes Amendment, locking down the sales of new machine guns to civilians (not banning MGs as it says otherwise we would not have the Knob Creek shoot out twice a year, right?) and  which was added sometime after midnight the day they were discussing it and approved it via a very suspicious voice vote. Basically it was an amendment introduced when nobody was watching at the wee hours of the night and nobody noticed until it was too late.

I am just going to stop here because I have no idea about SHUSH or silencers legislation and I already covered bump stocks till I got sick. I urge to seek the information on your own, you don’t have to believe me. Once you get your information, I want you to ask the people who keep repeating this bullshit storyline about the NRA:

“If your cause is righteous, why lie?”


PS: I swear I never expected to have this applied to another gun owner. It is depressing.

PS: And coming back saying “But the NRA fucked this other thing up” is not a valid excuse to allow what I just explained.



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  1. I hear the chess vs checkers argument applied to both the N.R.A. and President Trump. My only comment is that I hope that chess is the right game and they are both playing a winning strategy otherwise we are all F.U.B.A.R. and getting ready for a life of slavery.

  2. With revelations about false flag social media ops run during the Alabama senate special election, one wonders if the left is smart enough about the gun community for a repeat performance against the NRA. A gun person who knows enough to compile this about the NRA should also be expected to know the “truth” about it all, but maybe I expect too much.

  3. Thank you Miguel for taking up this fight against the NRA by of all people – gun owners! Ignorant boobs. I too have fought some of the mouth foamers that choose to be puppets of the left by espousing anti-NRA rhetoric. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  4. Obfuscation and omission of facts about the NRA’s efforts aside, I tell the angry “not one more inch” anti-NRA crowd, if so many other gun owners have the same mindset as you, then why does GOA not have about 30 million members?

    There is life the way you wish it was, then there’s life the way it is. The anti-NRA crowd is, generally speaking, composed of gun owners who have more in common with hyper emotional liberals than they do with logical, calculated conservatives. They just don’t realize it.

  5. yeah…latest GOA numbers I found was 1.5 million members as of June 2016. Also interesting was revenue of $2 million and 14 employees… they claim most of the money is used for lobbying, so I assume that they have paid lobbyists, since 14 employees couldn’t do that job…

    1. I wonder an awful lot about their lobbying. I see pictures of Erich Pratt or one or two other guys on capitol hill, posing for pictures with various representatives. Otherwise I suspect there isn’t a whole lot of lobbying going on. I do like their email “action alerts”, at least. And I suppose the amicus briefs they file from time to time can’t hurt, either. But it’s laughable to think they are politically feared.


    Silencers Help Us Save Hearing Act or the SHUSH Act

    This bill amends the Internal Revenue Code: (1) to remove silencers from the list of firearms subject to regulation under the National Firearms Act (NFA), and (2) to specify that a person who lawfully acquires or possesses a silencer under provisions of the federal criminal code meets the registration and licensing requirements of the NFA.

    Additionally, the bill amends the federal criminal code:

    to preempt state or local laws that tax or regulate firearm silencers,
    to exclude a muffler or silencer from the list of firearms subject to regulation,
    to eliminate mandatory minimum prison terms for a crime of violence or drug trafficking offense in which a defendant uses or carries a firearm equipped with a silencer, and
    to permit active and retired law enforcement officers to carry a concealed silencer.

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