And we are the violent ones.

And the YouTube version for those Tweet-Impaired


Imagine if we were to start torching any car we saw with a Obama or Hillary sticker. Or bash the face of anybody wearing a Che t-shirt?

Somebody will get shot before the end of the year because of this shit. And I hope people get together and make Maxine Waters’ life miserable enough she has to quit congress and seek refuge in Venezuela.

One Reply to “And we are the violent ones.”

  1. Not disagreeing with your basic premise. The extreme left has demonstrated its propensity to violence again and again. They’ve become truly unhinged.

    But in this case, based on the video, I can’t tell who started the violence. And the same freedom of speech which permits the Trump supporter to wear the Trump gear also permits those to disagree with him to say so, including using “bad” words.

    In short, it’s not a crime to cuss someone out. I don’t recommend it, and it shows a massive lack of basic courtesy and worse – an inability to articulate a coherent argument. But it’s not a crime. And it’s not a basis to begin a physical escalation.

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