What is it with the  Europhilia*? Who sold the DC (and other) elites that we should live and die and act according to what the Limeys and any other Europeans think life should be lived? Do I need to remind them that the only reason they are not speaking either German or Russian is because the we, ugly cousins across the pond stood up to the bullies that were giving them wedgies at a massive scale?

If the need to kiss Euro-ass so bad, just take a plane and go over there because the lips do not stretch out that far.

(*Europhilia: the need to be the intellectual bitch of an almost corpse continent.”

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “And why should we care?”
  1. Well, technically it was the DC elites that taught our elites this bullshit and now it’s coming back to haunt you.

    That and a big dose of KGB-propaganda.

    The elites always detach themselves from the “common folk” – don’t forget that all this pc-bullshit came from your side of the puddle. 😉

    “You” may be “our” bitch intellectually – but “we” are “your” bitch politically.

  2. I believe the Progressives/Left fetishize Europe so much because they love the European tradition of rigid social hierarchies and deference to authority. Progressives see themselves at the intellectual elite, as superior – smarter, wiser, more moral, and just plain better than everyone else.

    In America, they are on the same social plane as everyone else. Yes, we have income levels (working class, middle class, etc.) but a person can move up or down by how hard they work and what they do.

    This offends Progressives. They think they should be in charge, ruling over the rabble. They don’t like that in America, politicians get elected by the rabble and have to answer to their constituents. They feel the rabble should show deference to Progressives and let the Progressives control their lives in one degree or another (what they should eat, what they should read, what they should drive, etc.). Progressives think of themselves as, and want to be, nobility. In control, without having to be elected all the time, and in a position of Power because God just made them superior (the divine right of kings).

    If they can’t have nobility, they will take European socialism, which is close to the same thing. Sure the politicians have to get elected, but that’s really a formality. The ruling class in Europe still comes from a narrow social strata, groomed to rule.

    So the Progressives want to turn America in Europe. Until they can do that, they will keep saying everything in Europe is better. Only Progressives would watch and agree with Martin Bashir or Piers Morgan when they complain on American television that our rights are stupid and our system of government is bad.

    The rabble looks at the Eurotrash on CNN or MSNBC and screams “F*** OFF” at the TV, says something about how we fought several wars so we could keep our freedoms and our inefficient government with its balance of powers, and then calms themselves down by cleaning their guns. And this horrifies the Progressives.

  3. Perfectly said, J. About the only thing I could add would be that, if you notice, Progressives keep referring to our elected officials as “leaders.” They aren’t our leaders but they’d like to think of themselves as our leaders. They’re our employees. On occasion, they need to be reminded of it.

  4. Europe is busy committing cultural suicide via a flood of assimilated immigrants who wish to impose Sharia Law on them. They have no moral authority with me.

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