On August 7th, NPR published Republicans have long feuded with the mainstream media. Now many are shutting them out

Danielle Kurtzleben from NPR went to Wisconsin to get a story about “abortion rights”. She claims she wanted to do two stories, one on Democrats and one on Republicans. She was very surprised when the Republicans didn’t even bother to reply to her. They just ghosted her.

The problem is that it is easy to read somebody’s bias from questions they ask. Asking to speak to a senator about “the uploading the second amendment” tells the staffer that you are on a different side than somebody calling to talk about “stopping gun violence”. The mere questions you ask will say more about you than you are likely to get from them.

The phenomenon is impossible to quantify, but many Republican candidates are showing that they don’t want – or need – to get their messages out via legacy media outlets. That can reduce the scrutiny they face while running for public office, hampering voters’ ability to make informed choices.

Here is her hubris and bias on display. She considers it her job to scrutinize Republicans running for public offices. “Joe, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?” vs “Mr Trump, why are you discriminating against muslims? Are you a Islamophobia?”

Of course they never seem to feel that Fox News is “legacy media”. Legacy media only includes their banner carriers, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, NPR, MSNBC. Isn’t it surprising that MSNBC is considered legacy media even though it is younger than Fox? NBC is older than fox, but not MSNBC.

The problem is that we just don’t trust “legacy media”. We have to many examples of the legacy media twisting what we say to get their narrative.

In 2016 Katie Couric created a documentary Under the Gun. In that documentary Katie asks members of a Virginia gun rights organization to answer a question on background checks. The film then showed 9 seconds of silence from the gun owners. As if they couldn’t answer. Fortunately they had their own recording and it showed that when asked they all had answers.

The video of them sitting there silently was from footage show while the sound crew asked them to be quiet so they could get sound levels.

In other words, Katie lied.

How many times did the legacy media misquote Trump or take his words entirely out of context. There is an entire industry of producing pink pussy hats based on the false premise that Trump was grabbing pussy at a beauty contest. The hot mic comment was a statement about power, if you are rich and powerful you can take video of yourself smoking crack, paying for prostitutes, snorting cocaine, selling access to the presidency and nothing will happen to you.

Opps, that isn’t what Trump said, he made a comment about how if you are rich or powerful you could grab a woman by the pussy and she wouldn’t complain.

It is a good thing that more and more Conservatives and Republicans are learning to tell the legacy media to go shove it. I love DeSantis’ ability to flatten reporters with gotcha questions. He really does a great job. I’m coming to respect Kari Lake’s ability to punch back at reporters as well.

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