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26 thoughts on “And your favorite Online Ammo Supplier is…?”
  1. Super Vel ( ) – great ammo for self defense, practice, and competition.
    From the owners down to the machine operators and office staff almost everyone working there is a competitive shooter. Fast service. SV hasn’t raised their prices, except for the cost of materials since before Covid. SV has most common handgun calibers and .223 rifle ammo. They are well worth investigating

    1. I have been lurking for a long time and had not realized I could leave a comment until now.
      That over with, I used to use a search engine, , and buy from names I knew or could look up.
      I still use it for reloading supplies, but Democrats determined I should not be allowed to buy ammo online. Grrrr

  2. Good experiences with:
    -freedom munitions (although it’s been a while and they were SLOW to ship each time, but their reman was/is legit)
    -lucky gunner (as fast as advertised)
    -armscor/advanced tactical (fast, and when UPS busted a box they gave me a refund)

  3. In years past I’ve bought from SGammo & Georgia Arms(their remanufactured “Canned Heat”.

    However, I just hopped onto Georgia arms’ website, and it appears they’re out of commission due to a fire on their production floor.

  4. Lucky Gunner if that counts. It is very easy to navigate and find exactly what you want vs some other sites

    Other than that Underwood ammo since they’re bout the only people making 10mm as it should be. The prices are fair and shipping is fast.

    I used to love Lehigh Defense but they’ve been different ever since they got bought up.

    1. Kind of a pity about Lehigh, really. I can’t fault the owners for making what is for them a (hopefully) good business decision, but the availability and selection just doesn’t seem to be what it was.
      At least Underwood is making rounds using Lehigh projectiles.

      1. It really is a pity. I’m sitting on a dwindling horde of Flashtip bullets and a few other things they either no longer sell or restrict to LEO only.

  5. An initial caveat: I haven’t bought ammo in over a year, thanks to (a) moving to and then out of a highly restrictive state, and (b) having an agreement with Mrs. B to go through what we have on-hand before adding. Except for new calibers, of course…. 🙂 (Anyone interested in a little writeup on moving ammo when moving houses?)
    Great experiences for “normal” stuff:
    – The “raw” price-per-round isn’t always the lowest, but it’s hard to not get free shipping, making them more competitive on the to-the-door cost. Outstanding customer service, e.g. when a case of steelcased rifle ammo arrived soaked through (apparently left in a puddle at a UPS distribution center) and cases were rusting out. They also carry new BlackHawk ammo cans, at reasonable prices. Each purchase generates points you can use towards future purchase discounts.
    – SGAmmo
    – Lucky Gunner. Their prices aren’t the best, usually, but I occasionally order from them to support both them (you may remember they defended themselves against a nasty and unjust lawsuit), and their work with things like the Lucky Gunner Labs ammo testing for defensive round performance.
    Generally okay experiences:
    – LAX Ammo. They have their house brand, but also carry other manufacturers.
    – Freedom Munitions. Never a problem ordering. Their stuff generally works in my experience, but some of their offerings won’t cycle some of our pistols … Mrs. B’s FNX-45s in particular.
    Good experience ordering directly from the manufacturer:
    – Lehigh Defense (before they were bought by Wilson Combat), Underwood, Buffalo Bore, Black Hills.
    Really bad experience: only one, and they don’t seem to show up near the top results of AmmoSeek any more.

  6. I use three different sources for ammo. The first is the LGS for brass with freedom seeds. The second is for powder and primers. The last is for more options on powder and primers.
    For 5.56Ă—45 I’ll seek out the best price for “bulk” ammo and then buy as much as I can afford.
    The reality is that I don’t trust the supply chain to provide me with ammo any longer. I don’t trust the supply chain to provide me with powder or primers, so I am building up my supplies of both.

  7. Isnt that one of those computer dating sites? Heh. I haven’t bought ammo on line since like 2004…

  8. Velocity ammo for AR and Glock food, Steinel and/or Black Butterfly for the weird stuff like 458 SOCOM. I found all these through AmmoSeek.

  9. 2A Warehouse
    Flip Ammo
    Smoky Mountain Knives – they often have a good deal in their daily newsletter
    Firearms Depot
    Natchez Shooting & Outdoors – you can also get a hard copy old school catalog for other shooting supplies
    Outdoor Limited

    All have had fast and reasonable shipping along with good base prices as well.

  10. I haven’t bought a lot of ammo online since Bi-Mart usually has good prices. In the past I have bought from Ammofast, decent prices, took a week to ship from Florida to Oregon. I have also bought ammo from Natchez. I buy components from Graf because they have a lot of budget priced stuff and we’re also one of the few with .38 Special brass in stock this spring. Natchez usually has a lot of components in stock.

  11. Use Ammoseek constantly, I’m in MA so it allows me to filter out retailers that won’t ship to MA which makes life easier (last count 48 retailers excluded). TargetSports gets the most due to the ammo+ discounts, though I’ve noted several retailers that don’t charge MA sales tax as well. I can’t say I’ve encountered an online retailer yet that I’d publicly slander so far anyways. Good experiences all around. I’d strongly suggest people that are looking to check their local forums. During the pandemic I was a new enthusiast, and I got a LOT of good deals from private sales that helped me out. Yes, some listings are highway robbery, but a gem shows up every so often. Know your prices!

  12. Previously Mentioned:
    – SG Ammo – Large selection, free/reasonable shipping.
    – Georgia Arms ( Makers of my favorite load for my 38 J-frame (148gr Wadcutter loaded specifically for shorty revolvers to 750fps out of a 1 7/8″ barrel). Great guys, but rebuilding after a fire at their facility.
    – Underwood Ammo ( – Second favorite J-frame load (150gr Wadcutter), but they’re a bit spicier than the GA load. They used to load Gold Dot projectiles but now load XTP, so I don’t look too much at their defensive loads. Met them at SHOT Show in 2019, great people.
    – Bulk Ammo ( – They’re a sponsor of a podcast I listen to and I go to them on occasion if they don’t have what I’m looking for at SG Ammo.
    – Streichers ( – Streichers is a cop shop, but they had Federal Flite Control buckshot when no one else did.
    Years ago, I shopped at Natchez Shooting Supplies and Wideners but I haven’t shopped there in years. I remember Natchez wouldn’t ship to Alabama so they were off the list for a while but maybe that has changed.

    1. Also, you mentioned who I would not recommend, I’ve only got one on that list. Sportsman’s Guide.
      Back before all the Coof stuff went absolutely bonkers crazy, I put an order in for some Wolf Gold .223. It was listed as backordered, but a couple weeks out.
      The backorder date came and went, SG still showed it as taking backorders but at markedly increased price. A week later, I emailed and asked about the status. They replied back that they cancelled my back order 3 days after I placed the order and had sent me a letter to notify me.
      I never received a letter, I never received an email or phone call, and I’ll never give Sportsman’s Guide a penny of my money ever again.

  13. SGAmmo – Good prices, easy to get free shipping, good people, haven’t had a problem in 10 years of buying from them.

    Graf & Sons – Good for the oddball/obsolete stuff, though that’s been harder to source since Jamison went under.

    Target Sports USA – Used to buy defensive ammo from them (I think they would buy old police lots), but since Flu Manchu hit I haven’t observed their pricing to be any more competitive than anyone else. I sure miss clearance Federal HST for $0.40/rd.

  14. TargetSports USA. They usually have what I seek in stock and they frequently offer shipping at no extra charge when you order a case.

    I do use ammoseek when I need something less common.

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