Scene, a courtroom.

Prosecutor: “So you went to the victim’s home and proceeded to beat him to death with a ball-peen hammer.”

Defendant: “Yes, that’s correct.”

Prosecutor: “No more questions your honor.”

Defense attorney: “Can you read the DM you got from the victim into evidence?”

Defendant: Reads above DM

Me on the jury: “NOT FUCKING GUILTY!!!”

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Another case for jury nullification”
  1. How fun that these pieces of dog excrement cant see thier own violent ways. That’s definitely a threat that here in person could be met with deadly force.

  2. This will remain on instagram, twitter, facebook, wherever.
    But, if a conservative says they will “fight for what is right” they are banned for life because they are promoting violence.
    Remember, you are dealing with children in adult sized bodies. Toddlers.
    Act accordingly.

  3. He has admitted to wanting to be a child molester (lot of leftist/antifa type seem to fall into that category), is anyone investigating him for previous child rapes?

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