I have come up with the perfect political policy, one that will be equally loved by both the Left and Right and benefit the working and middle-class at the expense of the rich.

I will pay off student loan debt without raising taxes or printing money.

I will instead, seize the endowments, and in some cases real estate and physical assets, of every college in the country, as well as the salaries and assets of every DEI (or similar title) and Student Life administrator in the country.

Colleges that build lazy rivers and spent millions on Leftist sinecures in administration can pay for the obscene debt they had students incur.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Another core policy of the J.Kb. administration”
  1. And, your authority to do so will come from the same place as Jhiao Bribem’s workplace mandates, I wager!

    I kid! I did!

    Let’s go, Brandon! (Spoken as if to a dawdling child)

  2. If I were in Congress, I’d be fighting with the fury of a bag of starving weasels to attach a very simple amendment to every progressive bill to cancel student debt: All federal student loan debt is forgiven and all federal student loan programs are immediately and permanently shut down.

    No new loans, no new debtors.

    1. At least none backed by the government.

      I seem to recall reading somewhere, that schools were much pickier about who they gave loans to (degree being sought, gpa, etc.) when their skin was the only skin in the game.

  3. The scam is working exactly like it’s supposed to, so there will be no incentive for either government or College Inc to change things.
    After all, a flat busted grad with a useless degree and a head full of indoctrination will vote Democrat for a long, long time.

  4. As I’ve said before, If you insist on the government paying for post secondary education, be prepared for a government bureaucrat telling you what course of study you will have to follow. If you “choose” not to follow the assigned program, or worse fail to complete the assigned coursework, be prepared to payback your education cost, due immediately, upon leaving school. If you can’t pony up the cost, a commissar will assign you a job leaving you enough salary to (barely) feed and clothe yourself until the government is paid back. Enjoy cleaning the stables at you betters dacha.

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