Here is a news story that gives more details of the incident:


Good on the civilians who stopped to help.

What troubles me is the officer who showed up and give directions but didn’t jump in to put on the tourniquet.  One would think that police officers would have training on that since they are more likely to need to deal with bleeding control.

When seconds count, you shouldn’t have to ask “does anyone have a tourniquet” you should have one on you or know you have one nearby.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Another example of why bleeding control needs to be added to your EDC”
    1. Because a civilized society does not engage in vigilante justice, regardless of how warranted it is in the moment.
      That being said, if the scumbag fell during the struggle and lost most of his teeth in the process, that’s just a damn shame.

  1. CHP sucks that a lot of stuff. Sometimes they really aren’t actual cops. I watched them hammer on the window of a barricaded subject with their freaking shield. You know that was supposedly to protect them from the guy they were trying to get out of the car. Traffic YCHP will probably be better than every other state agency, but as cops…

  2. When a tourniquet is needed it is needed RFN. If it is out of arm’s reach it very well may be useless.

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