This pudgy fuck is a stand-up comedian and writer for a grotesque Netflix show.

Now he says this was a joke.

I think I dawned on him that the people who he threatened in his sing-song way are a lot better at the skills of applying of violence than he is.

That’s why I own guns.

Because people like this will always exist.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Another example of why I own guns”
  1. Liberals have managed to brainwash many into usefull idiots.. who become surprised when they get yeeted or thier ass royalty kicked.. America needs to return to its old ways where being polite won’t get ya hurt.
    Imagine if he was wearing a Trump hat and spewing… can you say arrested???

  2. Read through the thread and find out more about the so called ‘clinic’. It’s like one of those pictures w/ the caption ‘it just gets worse the more you look at it\’.

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