Sheriff’s deputy died protecting son from dog attack, MCSO officials said

A longtime Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy, described as tiny in stature with a big heart, died Tuesday night after officials say she was protecting her young son during a dog attack in her home.

Tamieka White, 46, was pronounced dead shortly after Indianapolis police responded to her home in the 1700 block of Forsythia Drive near East 16 Street and North Franklin Road on the city’s east side. The dog attack was reported about 7:45 p.m.

White’s 8-year-old son also was bitten and is recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.

Indianapolis police said the attacking dog was fatally shot by a responding officer, who fired when the dog charged at them.

A spokesperson with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said the attacking dog was not owned by White, and police have identified the owner. They declined to release further information about the dog’s owner.

In a statement, Indianapolis Animal Care Services said workers impounded the deceased dog, three additional dogs and a cat from the home. The department said they cannot confirm the breeds without a DNA test, but said all the dogs appeared to be a “pitbull-type.”

This woman was a sheriff’s deputy, so it can be reasonably assumed she was in somewhat decent physical shape and had some training in hand-to-hand confrontation.

Still, a pit bull was able to inflict fatal injuries on her.

The dog was shot, but clearly not soon enough.

At least she managed to protect her child.

I keep saying it, bring a pit bull around my kids and I’m going to shoot it.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Another fatal pit bull mauling”
  1. There is only one place where a Pitbull belongs, and that is with its owner in a full proof secure place. Of all the ‘aggressive breeds’ which there are several, the Pitbull is by far prone to be dangerous simply due to its genetics and physical abilities. In this case, the article states that the dog was not owned by the victim, but the dog was inside the home. The overwhelming majority of dog breeds do not naturally take ownership of the space they are in, which is not their home or yard, for the purpose of domination. This breed always does. Period. There is no other dog breed which is by their very nature, is territorial WHEN out of their territory. Just looking at one give it reason to attack, while it’s in your yard.
    For all the Pitbull owners who might take offence: Yes your particular Pitbull might be the cuddliest animal you’ve ever experienced, and yes, it might not display these genetic characteristics while in your presence. And perhaps you’re an experienced enough trainer to counter the nature of this breed, but I’ll bet you’ve not set your dog up to see if it will fail when left to its own natural judgement. Have you put it in a scenario where you’re not there and complete strangers approach your dog in a variety of unfamiliar or unnatural actions and or manners?
    Many breeds become hostile when tested in this manner, however, the Pitbull is exceptionally bred to be the best at failing this character test. The people who own them should know that this breed is like the rabbit portrayed in Monte Python and The Holy Grail movie. It will take your head off or die trying. And yes, the Holy Hand Granade will need to be brought in to stop the threat.
    In this case, the dog took ownership of a home which was not its own, when the owner was not present, just as it was designed to do. The dog was a Good Boy.

  2. Where was the deputies firearm???? In one of those “state of the art “safes”??????” Perfect example of why mine is in a holster on me !

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