I went to Twitter and saw the top trending hashtag for today is #BlackWomensEqualPayDay.

Oh on, what is this?


From HuffPo: The Pay Gap Is Severely Affecting Black Women, Yet Only 1 In 3 Americans Know It

Believe me, I’m getting beat over the head with it, I know it.

From MSNBC: 5 black women talk starting salaries, being underpaid and how they asked for more

The five women they talk to are in marketing, social media, and social activism.

The entire hashtag is about how for ever $1 a white man makes a black woman makes $0.63.  Clearly the reason is racism, misogyny, and institutionalize oppression.

Being an issue of intersectionality, people with this hashtag can’t help but tear each other apart.

The suggestions on how the right this wrong aren’t helpful.


So what does the data say?

From PBS: African-Americans over-represented among low-paying college majors

More African-Americans are going to college than ever before. But according to new research from the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University, African-American college students are more likely to pursue majors that lead to low-paying jobs, setting up many for future debt and underemployment. And over time these occupational choices contribute to the wealth and opportunity gap between whites and blacks that spans generations.

“Basically, African-Americans have been going to the right church but sitting in the wrong pew,” director Anthony Carnevale said. “In a way they are using education to climb the social and economic ladder, but they’re being steered toward majors that will make them low-earners.”

African-Americans make up only a small percentage of some of the highest-paying of majors, including those in STEM and business. They’re only 8 percent of engineering, 7 percent of mathematics and 5 percent of computer science majors. Worse, Carnevale said even those who do major in high-paying fields, typically choose the lowest paying major within them. For example, the majority of black women in STEM typically study biology, the lowest-paying of the science discipline. Among engineers, most black men study civil engineering, the lowest-paying in that sector.

From BET: Top 10 Majors Held By African-American Degree Holders

At the top of the list are Social Services and School Counseling.

Even the  Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland has thoughts on this: Racial and Ethnic Differences in College Major Choice.

They provide three bar graphs which really explain everything.

Unfortunately, everything I just said is racist.  The internet has decided that we need some sort of goverment intervention to correct this injustice.  Inevitably that means everyone will make less except for the bureaucrats, because that’s what goverment does.




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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Another hashtag of guilt”
  1. Once again I am being taken to task, if not asked to pay for, someone else’s choices.

  2. Since I have a bachelor & a masters in STEM subjects, and was born hispanic/latino, I don’t fit within the progtard’s narrow view of the world… thus I must be a “white hispanic” and therefore raycissst.



    Whatever. I earned those degrees through diligent study and hard work. Nobody handed them to me for free, and the guvment didn’t offer to help or pay for any of it.

    Progtards can kiss the darkest part of my hairy, caramel ass and go piss a rope with their guilt-tripping bullshit.

  3. So, black women do not think they are getting paid equally for their work.

    What is stopping them from getting a different job where they are paid equally? (HINT: Nothing).

    Here’s a pro tip. It is your responsibility to ensure that you get paid what you deserve. No one else’s responsibility, your’s and your’s alone.

    If you do not think you are getting paid fairly, and you continue to work in the same position/company, then it is your problem. Not mine.

    Final thought.
    If I could get black women to do the same job that a white male would do for 63% of the salary, why in the world would I hire anything other than black women?

    1. “Equal pay for equal work” is only a meaningful slogan if you actually look at equal work. To compare the work, and pay, of an engineer or MD with that of a person with a degree in intersectional basket weaving isn’t going to answer that question.

      1. That’s racist. It is a privileged opinion to say that building a bridge or a power plant, or performing surgery and saving someone’s life is more valuable than weaving a anti-colonial vagina shaped basket.

  4. So if you can pay a black women half of what you pay a white guy…
    How come all these white guys have a job??
    After all corporations are only for profits and cheap labor right?
    More “equality” bullshirt from the left.

  5. My daughter, biracial, worked her way through undergrad, and earned her MBA, all while working full time and mothering 3 children. She makes approx 80 % of what her father, a PA with 40 some years in Da Sick People Bizness, earns.

    I predict that, in time, she will outpace me, both in FRNs as well as buying power.

    Because, she worked her ass off, for the opportunity.

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