Under the J.Kb administration, it will be legal for drivers to run over anyone who protests by blocking traffic on any US federal highway or interstate.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Another J.Kb Administration policy”
  1. These people are really retarded. Nothing like protesting a climate emergency than creating a climate emergency with thousands of nonmoving vehicles idling in an hours long traffic jam.

    BTW – I grew up there, and was a field tech for decades. They do this all the time and it’s the most moronic thing ever. Nothing will get the public hating your guts more than screwing them over by a needless traffic jam. The old ploy was to block one of the bridges. Traffic there already has a high suck factor, and that add’s a nuclear level of suck. That jam probably took ten hours to clear.

    Just once I’d like to see someone lose it and club them like baby seals.

    1. Yep….they’ll move. This kind of shit is relatively harmless (although we have seen in the past people stuck trying to get to the hospital), but the protestors who like to assault your vehicle are especially deserving of being run over. The reason this shit happens is because people let them get away with it. If protestors thought there was a reasonable chance they would be killed or severely maimed, there would be a whole lot less of this.

  2. If your administration has programs to help pay for “crowd control” modifications to our trucks, Im in!

  3. TechieDude,

    I remember seeing one of those bridge protests. They were all chained together, and to a small car. I was thinking if I was in the jam, I would get about a half dozen men, and start moving the car over to the bridge railing. I don’t know if we could get it over, but I would have loved to see their faces as it got closer to the rail.

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