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5 thoughts on “Another J.Kb Administration policy”
  1. But… but… that would mean coming up with original characters and stories! You can’t possibly expect today’s writers to do the jobs of the creative giants of a bygone era!

    I’m also bothered by the constant re-invention of older characters. Thor, for example. He’s supposed to have a big red beard and a highly distinctive hammer that bears no resemblance whatsoever to an industrial product, and, should he choose to manifest himself in drag, it’s only to trick a particularly dimwitted giant (a tactic later gleefully borrowed by Bugs Bunny).
    Tune in next week for Zeus as a teenage Latina with a suspiciously Italian accent.

  2. It’s funny … Mrs B. noticed that about 90% of the movies we like, turn out to have been taken from a book; the rate is far lower on ones that weren’t. She speculates that the difference is simply that the book had to have a plot, and at least some of that probably carries over to the screen adaptation. Same for character development, consistency, etc.
    It’s not a guarantee we’ll like the movie by any stretch, but it is a good leading indicator.

  3. The Velma one is going to be a woke trainwreck.

    I have to say though, the Wednesday Addams one doesn’t look entirely horrible. Not that I’ll renew Netflix for it. Just have to get my eye patch out again.

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