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Under the J.Kb administration, ever single piece of Leftist modern art will be melted down.

Fearless Girl.

Witness, the grotesque monstrosity that they put on top of the Manhattan Courthouse.

The Embrace, the horrendous statue of MLK’s arm.

Every statue of George Floyd.

Cloud Gate (The Bean in Chicago).

Lenin in Seattle.

All of them.

I will meet iconoclasm with iconoclasm.

I will rend, melt, and destroy until there not one work of Leftist art left in public view.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “Another J.Kb policy”
  1. And we’ll take and use leftist initiative’s tax dollars to fund this iconoclastic initiative. Leftist used their opposition’s money to take from them the truth of history. And don’t think for one moment that leftist don’t know they are muzzling the ox which treads out the corn. They know they’re killing the American Goose which laid the golden egg and intend to replace it with what they believe is a Utopian Goose……which they believe is made of pure gold inside, which is the reason it lays golden eggs.

  2. Some day We the People will treat leftists like the 26% of the population they are. Destroy history to appease the truly ignorant and fukkin dumb people….

  3. Take my PAC money. I’d love to see “The Knotted Gun” removed from in front of the UN and melted down to make Henry Golden Boys and 1858 New Army repops. That would probably cause a schadenboner that would take longer than 4 hours to go away.

  4. Leave the bean, it’s fun to play with with a laser pointer.
    Beyond that, well, I’m not a fan of most public “art” these days.
    I am a little torn about the Lenin statue – not destroying history is important. Perhaps the installation could be modified – have him standing over the graves of those killed by communist regimes, maybe?

    1. The Bean is a fucking expensive nightmare to keep clean. It’s a financial drain on the city.

      I could repurpose the Lenin statue and use it to execute communists by squishing them under it’s weight. Hoist it up with a crate and lower it back down on them.

  5. Actually, I kind of liked the “bean”
    Thought it was a pretty cool presentation. Would I elevate it to fine art? Not a chance.
    But, for a public display, there are a LOT worse.
    The rest of your list, I totally agree with.
    Oh, and you left out “non-violence” the revolver with the barrel tied in a knot. Talk about a stupid meaningless piece of leftist tripe.

    1. Especially since it’s displayed at the UN, the international club of terrorists and dictators, the international organization whose primary activity is antisemitism.
      Neil Smith did a nice job fulminating against that object in his essay “the genocide agenda” (in “Down with Power”). A snippet:
      “This so-called “peace sculpture”, a gift from the comic-relief nation of Luxembourg, is known as “the Knotted Gun”. I’m sure that the sculptor would want his name mentioned. The Python’s barrel, which in real life would be a ridiculous eighteen inches long, is tied in an overhand knot, the muzzle pointing up, in representation of a nasty old weapon that has been rendered harmless. In fact, such a gun would be far from harmless, it would blow up upon being fired, injuring or killing the shooter and any close bystanders. The sculptor, in the bucket-headed manner typical of all victim disarmament advocates, has found a way to convert a revolver into a grenade, a sophisticated precision instrument of self-defense into a weapon of indiscriminate destruction.”

  6. I nominate the “Steel Vagina” (name given by students) sitting in front of the library at Bradley University, Peoria, IL. It’s been there for 33 years, and it’s just an ugly waste of stainless steel.

    1. That nickname makes me think of a different one, outside my father’s office at the TU Eindhoven (in the Netherlands). In the 1970s the university had some “artist” contrapt some semi-abstract blobs and stuck them in various places around campus. That one was nicknamed the “Thalidomide Horse” because it looked like the trunk of a horse with stumps inside of legs sticking out at odd angles.

  7. The state should not fund public art installations, ever.
    Cities should not fund public art installations EXCEPT they present a list of designs tied to a specific cause (e.g. centerpiece on a public square) for the taxpayers to vote on.

    If modern artists want to sell their modern subjective-interpretation crap, they can look for a rich patron with free space on his real estate.

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