The evidence is overwhelming that Fauci saw COVID-19 as an opportunity to end his career with fame an fortune and utterly destroyed society to enrich himself.

There is a way to fix this.

No government employee or elected official should be allowed to receive speaking fees, book deals, royalties, or have and form of income related to their government job, other than their government salary for the duration of their employment and for 10 years afterwards.

The 10 year cooling off period also applies to retired government employees receiving a government contract.

These people will be audited to make sure they are in compliance.

You cannot use your government job to make yourself rich.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Another J.Kb policy”
  1. Structure it exactly like disability payments- IF you earn ANY money you MUST claim it and we the disability payers WILL take the exact same amount from your “entitlement “

  2. And Pelosi is openly stopping bills being called that would highly restrict Congresscritters from getting rich off of stock information.

  3. There are laws, regulations, and Department/Agency policies to stop or limit the amount of money/influence you can have as a government employee. Title 5, and Title 18 US Code has lots of “You are not allowed to do _______ as a government employee.”
    Those laws generally include; you cannot own stock in a company/industry you regulate, or provide money to. You cannot get paid to speak about official business, you cannot actively seek jobs with companies that you currently have an official relationship with. Etc…
    If Fauci did in fact violate those laws, he should be charged with the crime. If he owns stock in a company (outside of a mutual fund) in a company he holds any regulatory or financial oversight of, he is violating ethics laws. If he gets paid to speak at an event, and his speech is about official government business, he cannot accept the payment.
    But, because he is the darling of the leftists, and his policies got Trump out of the WH, he will not even be investigated.

  4. The only problem I have with your policy is that it would keep me (and at least 20% of the people I work with from having jobs. After leaving the Navy (Government Employee), I went to work in the Ship Repair Industry (Government Contractor, doing essentially the same things I did while active). Your policy, as espoused, would not allow this for ten years. I don’t know about your industry, but in mine, knowledge is time limited, and degrades without use.

    I do not disagree with your premise, but the details need a little work. Companies like NAASCO, BAE Systems, and HII rely on military hires to keep current with the Government’s requirements in building and repair. Also, there is a series of laws affecting Military Retirees and what they can do (Government jobs, Lobbying, etc.) and there is a means test for later benefits.

    1. Here us what I’m trying to prevent.
      True story:
      Guy is a Colonel. He retires and his LtCol replaces him. Guy sets up a contracting company. His LtCol gets him a $900M dollar contract (not making that up). Guy subs out the work for $500M. A few years later, LtCol retires and becomes VP of contractor to his former superior officer.
      This sort of shit happens all the time. It’s an unbelievably corrupt system. I’m willing to let guys like you go to work doing stuff like that. But no more retired officers getting huge contracts from former subordinated or colleagues.

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