I’m going to keep bringing you these because I want to establish just how deadly a bare knuckle blow to the head from an angry adult male can be.

Dunkin’ employee fatally punched customer who called him racial slur: cops

A Dunkin’ store employee fatally punched an elderly customer in Florida because the man allegedly used a racial slur against him, police said.

Corey Pujols, 27, was arrested Tuesday on an aggravated manslaughter charge in connection to the fatal confrontation May 4 at the Dunkin’ store where he works in Marathon, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The employee, who is black, told authorities that the 77-year-old man had been “extremely rude” the day of the altercation and called him a racial slur.

Pujols then punched the customer in the face, causing the man to fall and hit his head on the concrete floor, authorities said.

That is how it usually happens.

The punch causes the victim to lose consciousness and fall, hitting their head on the hard ground and dying.

In this case, the attacker was allowed to plead down to felony battery.

Grayson Kamm, a spokesman for Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren, said prosecutors, in their decision, considered the “totality of the circumstances,” which included Pujols’ lack of criminal history, his youth, and the fact that he did not intend to cause Cook’s death, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

“Two of the primary factors were the aggressive approach the victim took toward the defendant and everyone working with the defendant, and that the victim repeatedly used possibly the most aggressive and offensive term in the English language,” Kamm said.

We all know what word was used and my concern is this sort of social justice prosecution establishes the precedent that one group of people is allowed to commit murder if they hear a particular word.

Cook was a registered sex offender, court records show.

You know how I feel about sex offenders, and my predilection for woodchippers.  However, in this case Cook was not done in for his sex offenses.

I shed no tears over this man’s death.

My point in all of this is to illustrate conclusively that a bare fisted punched to the head can and does cause death.

When anti-gun activists say “but he was unarmed” I believe that is irrelevant.  An adult male with fists and the willingness to use them is a lethal force and should be repelled with lethal force.

And if such a case were ever to go to trial, i.e., a CCW shooting a thug who tried to cold cock him in the skull, I hope that CCW’s defense attorney brings every one of these cases before the jury as evidence that movies are bullshit and a skull punch is lethal.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Another one punch kill – Dunkin Donuts edition”
  1. J.Kb, in your comments about the legal aspect of this & CCW, the law is always going to look at disparity of force. An old guy vs young & fit, victim against multiple attackers, etc. I agree that fists can be lethal, but let’s say you are relatively healthy and in shape, and you shoot someone about your age and physical equivalent, and they using fists but otherwise unarmed, you will have a tough time at your trial.

    I would also add that if you should willingly get into an altercation with someone and its an even fight, if you were able to get a good punch on them and they fall and hit their head and die, you are gonna be in a lot of trouble.

    Self defense is a tricky proposition these days.

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