Refineries, microchip manufacturing plants, fertilizer plants, ore smelters, pharmaceutical plants, all of these are critical to the survival of a nation.

We have shut them down and outsourced supply overseas, often from countries that hate us.

Despite what you may have been told, American wages were not the deciding factor.  Environmental regulations largely killed these industries.

Even as our technology got cleaners, the mental image in the popular culture of the factory belching pollution, destroying the environment, persisted.

Generations raised on The Lorax and Captain Planet made us dependent on foreign nations out of ignorance.

We need these capabilities here.  It is a matter of strategic preparation.

Under my administration every EPA employee will be fired, companies will be encouraged to build critical manufacturing and processing plants in the US, and it will be legal to hire Pinkertons to beat up environmental protesters.

I’m going to make gas $1.59 again, even if I have to have a mercenary beat a hippy to death to do it.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Another President J.Kb policy”
  1. May I suggest adding “heavy” electrical grid infrastructure manufacturing, e.g. substation

    1. Most people have NO idea that it can take up to 2 years to get a replacement 25 to 35 MVa substation transformer, and over 5 years to get one for a 115kv / 230 kv 150 to 300 MVa transmission line…

      1. How does that break down? They are big devices but I don’t see how the manufacturing part should take more than a couple of months. Then there’s lead time, and shipping…

  2. The EPA has it’s place. Rivers catching on fire from Pollution is obviously bad, the water table being contaminated from leaky oil, fuel or industrial chemical reservoirs is not as obvious but arguably more important. Unfortunately politics has made the EPA to businesses as the ATF is toward gun owners.

    1. Do you mean like when the epa polluted the river in New Mexico? Like they’ve milked the superfund sites, but never actually cleaned one up? Like the people that have lost the right to build a home in a subdivision, the courts tell the epa to fuckoff, but they continue to try to destroy the property owners? That epa?

    2. You can get these things simply by having states enforce liability for damages. There’s no need for the Feds to get their heavy mitts involved.

  3. Anyone who has done a stint in civil planning, logistics, emergency management, or red teaming knows that we’re setting ourselves up to fight a battle where we have to buy our “ammo” from the people punching us. IV bags and medical tubing from Mexico, chip from China, precision manufacturing machinery from Germany, ordnance precursor chemicals from China and Russia. It is just pants on head madness.

    I fear that soon we’ll be in the position of Atlas Shrugged where everyone is waiting on goods that no one can produce.

    How on earth there isn’t some Berry Act version for essential supplies necessary for the continuation of the nation has kept me up at night.

  4. The thing about the psychotic fear of oil the left is pushing is that they don’t seem to know that there’s more stuff in crude oil than just what gets distilled off for fuel.
    Do electric cars need grease or oil on moving surfaces? Where’s that going to come from? What about pharmaceutical and all sorts of other precursor chemicals? I’d say “plastics” but those are the new evil incarnate, when seen as their partially recycled form and called “microplastics”.

  5. “I’m going to make gas $1.59 again”
    Go for a stretch goal. Sub $1 gas again. You can practically cut 50% of the cost by dropping the Federal and local taxes depending on where you live. Actually reducing the cost of the fuel is meaningless without killing the taxes/fees.
    Next point, the EPA does have a purpose. However, the various administrations have weaponized the EPA to push their agendas. About the only President in recent history that cut the EPA’s power back a notch was Trump. They, like every other Federal agency needs to be cut back, significantly, not removed. (Exception is probably the Dept. of Education. That ones needs a total removal with salting of the earth so it never grows again.)
    The economy grew significantly under Trump, and all he can really take credit for was reigning in the Federal government. Reducing regulations, cutting back authority, and most of all focusing on the mission. Under 0, the EPA and US Corps of Engineers were used to erase State’s rights. The watershed rules, and that ridiculous attempt to eliminate coal power plants were MASSIVE overreach of Federal authority, but 0’bammy pushed for it, and weaponized the agencies to make it happen.

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