NYC cabbie savagely beaten on street fumes at ‘horrible system’ and Eric Adams: ‘Tell him die with the shame’

A struggling immigrant cabbie and married dad of two who was savagely beaten by a group of brutes in Midtown told The Post on Friday he’s appalled that two suspects were let go with a slap on the wrist.

Taxi driver Afzal Butt, 60 — who suffered chest, neck and face injuries in the shocking Manhattan caught-on-camera beat-down — blasted New York’s lenient bail-reform laws as a “horrible system” after a pair of his alleged assailants were issued a desk-appearance ticket and allowed to walk free.

“If they’re not going to put them behind bars, this is a horrible system,” fumed the cabbie, who emigrated to the US from Pakistan and has been driving a taxi since 2004. “I am hopeless and helpless with this system.”

Butt said the city is going to hell in a handbasket regarding crime.

“Send the mayor the video and tell him die with the shame,” the cabbie said.

He’s pissed.  I don’t blame him though.

Here is a news report that shows some of the beating.


Five people beat one man and the attackers go virtually unpunished.

The people of New York City need to be able to defend themselves.

That’s why Bruen was decided by SCOTUS the way it was.

That states like New York have failed to make good on that decision is a travesty.

I guess the only conclusion is that New York values its criminals mote than its law abiding, tax paying citizens.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Another reason why Bruen needs to be enforced”
  1. There is only one reason why any city or state’s government provides the criminal element within their jurisdiction, laws which essentially serve their evil craft. The government is an admirer, is therefore sympathetic, because they view themselves, in private, as being the protectors of that societal element. In fact, these officials are far worse. They’re professional criminals, elite criminals, and they secretly like exactly who they are. Corruption is the aspiration of evil men, who view themselves as victims of the Good.

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