Miguel pointed out the stupidity of a Tweet by Harvard student David Hogg.

If you want to know how a dumbass like that goes to Harvard, you have to understand the standards they have for their professors.

Professors like Elizabeth Warren, who Tweeted this:

So we have a felon with “an extensive criminal history for weapons offenses” who was being served with a drug warrant, who got into a firefight with police.

Exactly how does Warren think that another law would have stopped this guy from getting a gun?

What reform would have made possession by a felon more illegaler?

When the professors know nothing but bullshit talking points, you can’t expect the students to be any better.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Another stupid gun control tweet of the day”
  1. Her point of view is “if there were no guns for him to get, then this would not have happened.”

    All of the gun bans are based on the failed assumption that removing guns from society will mean that no guns for good or bad guys.

    Of course this fails entirely on first inspection because you are not going to remove all guns from society.

    1) There are lots of good guys that are not going to hand in their guns
    2) There are lots of bad guys that are not going to turn in their guns.
    3) There are lots of people that will just make more.
    4) There are lots of people that will smuggle them in
    5) There are lots of people that will steal them from the people that still are allowed to have guns (LEO and Military)

    But if you accept the assumption “We can remove *all* guns from society” then the correlation that “if all guns are removed from society and bad people are part of society, then bad people can’t get guns.”

    You can’t remove all guns and bad people really aren’t part of society.

  2. OK people, for the cheap seats… she doesn’t.
    What she wants is a disarmed populace so that they can be easier to control.

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