Talk about epic fucking stupidity.

Dude has his nose rearranged and was about to swallow some teeth before saying it was a prank.

I don’t know where this happened, but he’s damn lucky he didn’t get shot.

After that one TikToker took a bullet for pulling a dumb-ass prank on the wrong guy, you’d figure that they’d get the message not to do this shit.

I guess it won’t stop until one of these idiots dies.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Another TikTok prankster almost eats it”
  1. For the love of God, I hope no one pulls that type of shit on me. I would have put a 6″ pick directly into his shoulder/neck area by the time we got to the floor, believing he’s going for my concealed side arm.

  2. This video is from 2014 and is getting traction again because Barstool Sports reposted it. The longer original video shows that the nasal bones ripped through the bridge of the prankster’s nose.

    Pic of the gashed nose:

  3. Weird, my post disappeared.

    This is an old video from 2014, and it happened in Australia. The dude’s nose was gashed through by the punch against his nasal bone. The video above doesn’t show it, but you can see it in the video at the first link below:

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