This piece of shit grotesquely sexually harasses women on camera.

When a few confront him physically, he assaults them with pepper spray.

He was the instigator, and when these women defended themselves, he used a weapon (pepper spray is a weapon) to assault them.

You can’t bait people into a fight as an excuse to draw a weapon.  Baiting people negates your right to self defense.

I really hope, seriously hope, this piece of shit stalks and harasses a woman with a CCW, he fucking deserves the unique agony of felling a JHP mushrooming its way through some vital organs.

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By J. Kb

19 thoughts on “Another TikToker begging for a bullet”
  1. No different than hamas.
    Deliberately and systematically provoke a violent response, then pretend you are the victim.
    And, this is supposed to be funny or something?

      1. Notice he only goes after women. According to the new story Tantiv V., posted, The first woman in white just had her car stolen.
        In the video, One of the second pair of women appeared to be sleepy, drunk or drugged, but when the adrenaline kicked in?
        As he turned to run after pepper spraying the wonen, another woman appeared to close on him, and knocked his camera away? Bravo for her!
        This was intended to be posted at the end of the thread. WTF?

  2. I say this is a direct result of a lot of things. One of which is the disappearance of the educational beat down.
    Dude is one of thousands, probably millions, who never once got popped in the jaw for their actions. Now they’re adults who have no sense of how to behave in a society and think everything they do is acceptable.
    I’m not one to wish harm on people. But if that guy catches a bullet someday, it will be no great loss to society.

  3. He won’t learn. Just like that other guy who ended up getting ventilated, all he cares about are the clicks. That is his whole worth in life.

    His defense will be “I was just talking and they attacked me”. Depending on the court, he might get away w/ it.

  4. As he was running away, did you notice the gal on his left moving in to nail him?
    I wonder what happened after the video cuts out..

  5. my wife would have gladly spent 0.38 cents on that F#[k…
    Question: if this is ok in society, would you let some guy talk to your daughter like that?

    1. ^^ THIS ^^
      This guy goes around making sexually explicit, harassing comments at women, and enough people think it’s funny that it’s worth the clicks.
      Question for those people: Would it still be funny if he approached your wife, mother, sister, or daughter with those comments?
      Then it’s not f@#%ing funny when he does it to someone else’s wife, mother, sister, or daughter.

      1. I’m beginning to think that the laws against harassment, stalking, trespassing, and disturbing the peace should treat doing so while photographing, videoing, or any recording as an aggravating factor. Doing so and posting the footage online should bump it up another notch.

      2. He self describes as an incel; involuntarily celibate. He has the same attitude as the guy who shot up the womens’ gym class (Cincinnati/Pittsburgh?) several years ago. Both had come to hate women because they wouldn’t interact with these men at any level. Blame on both sides for lack of success, but doesn’t justify his behavior. Fully expect him to escalate if not imprisoned.

  6. Interestingly enough self defense law in Germany also covers *reasonable* physical force as a defense against an attack against your honor.

    So if someone tries his hardest to insult you, you can lay hands on him. The problem is, of course, how much force is “reasonable” in the eyes of a judge?

  7. Is this old? I seem to remember and older vid of a guy going around asking drunk women to fuck him and being a big incel when they refuse and instigating altercations like this.
    Hope he gets his dick shot off before the rest of the rounds land.
    Of course he’d never try this with men around.

  8. No matter what his life has been, he can’t be allowed to continue that kind of aggressive behavior. He’s not just sexually inappropriate, he’s threatening in his demeanor.
    But, it would be interesting to know what a day in the life of that guy looked like at different times of his life. Molested? Beaten? Mom was a hooker and he had to be there?

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