Let me introduce you to Jay Kirell:


Jay here is anti-gun.

He wants you to know that he’s so anti-gun that he wants to kill NRA members with artillery, and thinks that’s a fun way to spend an afternoon.


I’ve spent too many posts rebuffing this argument, i.e., “the big bad military will just pound you civilians into paste without breaking a sweat, so your AR-15s are useless.”  I’m not going to do it again.

My point here is that our military seems to have been filled with people whose biggest takeaway from their time in service was how to successfully obliterate American citizens they have a political disagreement with.

You’d think that men who have seen the horror of war wouldn’t want to see it in their back yards, but apparently that is their fantasy.

To rain artillery, bombs, and drone strike on the homes of fellow citizens.

I just can’t imagine the obtuseness of posting your personal life all over social media then calling for the indiscriminate murder of America citizens.  I don’t think he understands just how much reprisals will suck for him.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Another veteran with fantasies of murdering citizens”
  1. This is a man, who sits by himself most days, has so called friends which look up to his self-proclaimed badass self with envy because they live in their mother’s basement and wish they could talk, and act like him. What he posted is what he tells his spineless buddies regularly when they go to the local dive. I’ve seen this type of moron a few times over the years, always living in a fantasy military scenario they dreamed up out of personal failure frustration which they play out in their minds when in a public establishment, such as a bar which tolerates them just for the money. He’s angry and harmless and everyone refers to him as “Commando”.

  2. Yes the us military has mortors drones and artillery….. however, just licensed hunters in this country number 30 MILLION… So yes the military can use all those big bad weapons, once. The next time there will be sounds in the woods they will never hear…. Drone pilots will disappear…. No a “civil war “ won’t be lke the last one.. it will be much much worse.. remember kids, liberal nut jobs are 26% of the population…. I will take 3-1 odds .,We the People.

  3. I googled this shitstain, he writes/wrote for huffpo…He should also remember just how easy it is to find things online now. For example, it took ten seconds to find his address and phone number…

    1. It’s gonna suck for him when he’s on a fire mission shelling NRA members and the friends and family of those people he’s shelling look up his home address where his wife and kids live.

  4. Long Island born = leftist idiot. Trust me, I am Long Island born. Unlike this moron, I realized the stupidity of living there, and the ultra stupidity of being proud of coming from Long Island. I use Long Island, well the entire metro NYC area as an example of what NOT to do.
    And, he is a fan of the teams that always, and I mean ALWAYS lose all the time? That makes him about the biggest loser out there. There is nothing to be proud of about the Mets/Jets/Nets. NY stands for “next year!”

    1. Literally, rofl, CBMTTek, as having been to LI many times over the years, I enjoyed this post, “…nothing to be proud of about the Mets/Jets/Nets. NY stands for “next year!”, perfectly stated.

    2. I forget who, but one team owner said he’d be happier (aka richer) if they got to the playoffs every single year but never won.
      Reason? It keeps the useful idiots (e.g. this guy) much more interested, hopeful and “engaged” (aka spending money) than a victory followed by an average season.

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