I swear to God, my administration will drop a MOAB on the WEF and then I’ll have KAG hunt down and kill every last surviving member of the WEF and their families.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Another J. Kb policy”
  1. this is the continuation of liberals “no private property “ wet dream… no private property, well except THIERS…. only disadvantage on property owner is the F’in TAXES ya gotta pay.. “why would you want to own it?”…. what a maroon.. so how would that work? your washer breaks you just got over to the niebhors with a truck n take thiers?? look at the “liberal” cities with the share a bicycle bullshiite.. people take them and sell them/ steal/abuse them… hey Mr J, sign me up for dropping MOABS!!

  2. Here’s a thought on a companion policy. If you own the hardware, you have a right to use it, repair it, disable it, etc. as you see fit. You can’t be charged for access for something you already own.

    1. True, for the normal definition of “own”. Of course, not for the new version, like the not-actual-ownership you get when you “buy” an e-book, or “buy” a streaming movie. In both cases, you buy the temporary ability to see the thing, but not to do other owner things, like know you can still see it later, or give it to someone else, or lend it to your friends.

  3. Yet another attempt to condition the weak minded into subscribing to their “you’ll own nothing” agenda. Once they get enough people adequately brain washed they move on to the next step. Eventually the goal is achieved…and we all OWN NOTHING. They own it, they control it, they decide IF they will allow us to RENT it. If not we do without.

  4. Sneaky strategy. Degrade the economy and push inflation, and increase the cost of living to the point that owning anything becomes prohibitively expensive.
    Then just say, “That’s fine, you can lease it instead! It’ll be as-good-as yours, but without the upfront costs!”
    And the low-information rubes won’t look any deeper than that.
    But someone is going to own it, and it won’t be you — it will probably be one of those evil capitalist corporations operated by the top 1%. If that “someone” decides you don’t need it, aren’t worthy of it, they want it back, or ANYTHING OTHER REASON to cancel the lease, you have no claim to it and will forfeit it, no matter how long you’ve had it or how much you depend on it.
    Now pair that with a “social credit” system and pressure the corporate owners of anything and everything to consider it when writing lease agreements.

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