That’s not a typo, it’s a Freudian slip.

The Woke Left in campus hates Jews and has significantly increased anti-Semitism on campus unger the guise of anti-Zionism and pro-Palestinian rights.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Answer: Being 100% honest”
  1. Whoever wrote that up got into a cycle of typing “anti-” everything they could think of, and didn’t stop to check what it meant.

    That’s the reasonable explanation, but these people have become anything but reasonable. I agree, it’s a Freudian slip. The current class of Elites hates Jews as much as any other Elite class throughout human history. The only difference is — with the exception of the Chinese and Muslim-run countries — they don’t openly and explicitly push for segregation and/or extermination … yet.

    I predict that that statement will be quietly retconned and no apology will be issued; they won’t be sorry they printed that, just sorry they got caught.

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