Dozens of liberal groups oppose anti-Asian hate crime bill for ‘bolstering’ law enforcement

Dozens of liberal groups oppose an anti-Asian hate crime bill that’s making its way through Congress.

The more than 75 Asian and LGBT groups railed against the legislation because it “relies on anti-Black, law enforcement responses,” the organizations wrote in a letter made public on Wednesday. The groups also indicated that the bill would contradict “Asian solidarity with Black, Brown, undocumented, trans, low-income, sex worker, and other marginalized communities whose liberation is bound together.”

“The bolstering of law enforcement and criminalization does not keep us safe and in fact harms and furthers violence against Asian communities facing some of the greatest disparities and attacks – sex workers, low wage workers, people with disabilities, people living with HIV, youth, women, trans and non binary people, migrants amongst [sic] others,” the groups wrote. “It also ignores that police violence is also anti-Asian violence, which has disproportionately targeted Black and Brown Asians.”

“The COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act further assumes that the police are safe, but we know that police are devastating and deadly for BIPOC, trans, undocumented, sex workers, and many other communities,” the letter read.

“We call on our communities to demand more in this moment to address root causes and create true systemic change that does not rely on law enforcement,” the letter continued.

This is Leftist word salad.

We know the cause of the overwhelming majority of anti-Asian violence is from angry, resentful black people that stems from two poor, minority communities in close contact where one becomes successful and the other does not.  This is the same dynamic that has caused so much black Antisemitic violence in New York City.

Watch this scene from Boyz n the Hood:

That’s it right there.  Other poor minority groups became successful and moved up in socioeconomic status.  A part of the black community didn’t and felt that the reason that they didn’t is that the minority groups that took the money from them.

This is why the Korean community was attacked so viciously during the ’92 LA riots.

There are two ways to combat this.

One, end the resentment in the black community.  Stop the narrative that the black community has failed because other communities stole their money and opportunities.

Two, increase policing to arrest the criminals who attack Asian people.

Leftists want to do neither.

It is in their interest to keep the resentment going, that resentment is at the heart of the ideology that puts and keeps them in power.

They also don’t want the violence to stop.  They know that overwhelmingly anti-Asian violence comes from young black men but they can point to it and say “it’s Trump’s fault for calling it the ‘China Virus'” and can use it to attack Republicans and Trump supporters.

So what do they do, they protest policy that might actually reduce the violence and instead impose Leftist policies that will only make things worse.

They want the violence to use as a brickbat against the Right.

It’s cynical and evil and perfectly reflects their ideology.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Anti-Asian violence isn’t going to go away because Liberal groups don’t want it to go away”
  1. Not unexpected.

    They want to change one thing without changing any other thing in a vast interconnected system, and they actually believe the rest of the system will not be impacted.

    So, they want to get rid of the police, because they are all racist murderers who will kill a black man because of his skin color, but they also want the government to stop this uptick in violence against Asians. Not sure how they want that to happen, maybe unicorn farts? (Or were all of them used up fighting climate change???)

    They will ignore the solution, which is…
    “Stop the narrative that the black community has failed because other communities stole their money and opportunities.”… because that narrative is part of their emotional makeup.

    Instead, they will continue to demand impossible solutions. Stop violence in the streets with no police. Teach men not to rape. Make everyone thing morbid obesity is beautiful. Etc…

    Beating a broken drum here, but that is how a five year old thinks.

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