This is an official press release from the US DOJ:

Former FedEx Driver Sentenced for Selling Firearms He Stole From Packages on His Truck

A Middleborough, Mass. man was sentenced to six days in prison for stealing and selling three firearms from FedEx packages he was responsible for delivering. The government recommended a sentence of 10 months in prison.

Frank P. O’Toole, 40, was sentenced on Feb. 2, 2024 by U.S. District Court Judge Angel Kelley to time served (six days) and three years of supervised release, during which period he must complete 250 hours of community service. On June 16, 2023, O’Toole pleaded guilty to two counts of possession or sale of a stolen firearm.

O’Toole previously worked as a FedEx delivery truck driver at a facility in Middleborough. Between October 2021 and June 2022, O’Toole stole three packages sent from out-of-state which he was responsible for delivering, each containing a firearm – specifically, two rifles and a shotgun – intended for a Federal Firearms Licensee. O’Toole subsequently sold the three firearms to an undercover agent during two separate controlled purchases on Aug. 9, 2022 and Aug. 12, 2022.

According to 18 USC §§842(h); 922(i), (j) & (u), the penalty for stealing from an FFL is 10 years.

This guy got time served for six days.

Democrats don’t care about enforcing gun laws on criminals who willingly commit crimes like stealing and selling stolen guns.

They much rather throw good gun owners in prison for not properly pinning and welding on the flash hider on their 14.5 inch AR.

This administration doesn’t care about stopping gun crime. Keeping you safe from criminals is not their priority.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Anti-gun administration doesn’t enforce the law on gun crime”
  1. its been going on for a long time.. I have developed a deep seated hatred of liberals, anti American, Freedom hating unhappy ignorant morons…

  2. The agenda is what dictates who get punished. Because the actual numbers don’t tell the story they need to pull off their ruse, they create the numbers they need to create more gun related laws because the ones on the books are not enough. Do you think this guy learned his lesson? Not a chance if anything he’s emboldened to be smarter next time when he selects a buyer. The liberal leftist judge is inspiring him to do better next time.
    Go forth and give us a reason to create our tyrannical government, Go My Son……Go.

  3. Package delivery services are one of the largest sources of stolen firearms due to indifferent handling and outright theft. Drivers know where those packages come from and what’s in them.

  4. A few years back there was a judge in WI(?) who gave a guy 1 yr probation for straw purchasing 50 handguns using a fake address and reselling them to gang bangers. During the sentencing the judge made a snarky comment about the perp just using his 2A rights.

    Bought a gun from a dealer in one state and had it shipped to my local. Came in 2 boxes. One was the rifle, the other was all the pieces parts. Went through UPS. The pieces/parts box didn’t show but showed it had arrived at the hub but never left We contact the UPS hub and were told not very nicely to file a claim. We told them it was a firearm and that our next call was to the ATF to report a stolen firearm. 15 min. later they called back and said they ‘found it’ in a closet. It was at the shop w/i an hour.

  5. Simple really.
    If the anti-gun leftists were to actually enforce the gun laws on the books, crime using guns would go down.
    Which means their justification for total civilian disarmament would evaporate.
    Obviously, you can see the problem.

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