I used to live in Omaha, it’s a lovely city.

It is a Blue bubble in a Red state.

I had a Nebraska CCW permit.  It’s a pain in the ass to get, requiring 8 hours of class and live fire qualification.  Then you have to go to the main Sheriff’s office for fingerprints.   They are open limited hours so you have to take time off of work.

It cost me a few hundred dollars and was time consuming.

I’m glad to hear Nebraska wants to ease up on the restrictions.

Enter State Senator Megan Hunt.

Yes, that’s some anti-American, anti-Founders, Woke word salad.

None of it address the CCW issue, it’s not a cogent argument, it’s just a rant.

This has gone around the internet, but it doesn’t capture her ture awfulness.

She slandered Jake Gardner after his death and praised the mob for killing him with lawfare.

If you are not familiar with the Jake Garner story, it’s much like the Kyle Rittenhouse story except it went the other way.

Gardner was defending his father and his bar from a violent mob during a Black Lives Matter riot after the death of George Floyd.

He was forced to draw a weapon and shoot James Scurlock in self defence.

The police and prosecutor determined it was self defense and no charges were filed.

The mob threatened to riot again and a special prosecutor was brought in who slandered Gardner and crushed him into the ground with unethical practices.

The message was “if you defend yourself from the mob, we’ll use the law to crush you, you have no defense from the mob.”

Eventually the torment by the special prosecutor drove Gardner to suicide.

The suit alleges Franklin conspired with Kleine and two retired Omaha police detectives who were on Franklin’s team to make false and misleading statements to the news media. Franklin’s statements, the suit says, “included implications that Mr. Gardner was a racist” and “also falsely stated that it was Mr. Gardner’s own words that showed his intent to kill.”

The statements, which the lawsuit contends impacted Gardner’s right to a fair trial, “caused Mr. Gardner to lose all faith in the justice system and become paranoid and afraid for his life,” the lawsuit states. “As a result of this extreme emotional distress, Mr. Gardner committed suicide on Sept. 20, 2020.”

The was the same as the Rittenhouse trial, except Rittenhouse had an orgy of exculpatory evidence that Gardner did not have.

Senator Hunt is clearly on the side of the mob, slandering Gardner and reveling in his death.

She’s not anti Second Amendment.

She is hard-core anti-us and everything we stand for.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Anti-gun Nebraska State Senator is as awful as you can imagine”
  1. If one wasn’t as good a person as Mr. Gardner, one might come to the conclusion that if one is going to be ruined for a murder one didn’t commit, one might as well end the one orchestrating one’s ruination.

  2. Thankfully, not my state senator.

    Sadly, my state senator isn’t much better… He was all in on red flag laws last year or year before.

    Couple of points.

    First, fingerprinting for the Nebraska CHP has to be done at the state patrol office, not sheriff’s office. There are only 6 of those offices through the state. So, yeah, your comment about it being a PITA, spot on.

    As for Gardner, there was video of the incident, shown by the city attorney when he explained why he wasn’t pressing charges. He also came out pretty hard about the grand jury. Backlash he received to both was so unhinged, he changed his political party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

    Leftists were after Gardner before this event. He was a bar owner and had supposedly made some racist comments on social media or posted some racist video. I never saw what was said because it was deleted and none of the TV stations or Weird Herald would show what he actually said.

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