It’s an absolute trend of anti-gunners explaining that you shouldn’t have a gun, because if they had a gun, they would commit murder.


To a reasonable and intelligent human, it’s simple.

Is the AR-15 slung and not being pointed at anyone?

That’s fine then.

Same with open carry.  Is the pistol still in its holster?

Fine, go on about your day.

These people are paranoid and lack self control, so will straight up murder you.  Because they can’t trust themselves, they can’t trust you, and therefore nobody should get to carry.

If gun people were an iota as violent and stupid as anti-gunners, everyone in America would be dead. The fact that concealed carry permit holders are the demographic least likely to commit crimes, shows that we’re not.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Anti-gunner wants to commit murder”
  1. Yep, many variations on that old saw. If gun people were as violent as antigunners say they are, the topic would not be debatable … in part because there wouldn’t be any antigunners around any more.
    Instead, we have people who will go up and scream at open or concealed-but-flashed carriers they they are afraid and the carrier should be shot. Uh huh. Sane people do not go up to armed people they fear and start screaming abuse at them.

  2. So here’s the thing. Most people see in others what they see in themselves. The people who see a gun and make asinine statements like that, are the people who would indeed shoot without provocation. The only thing keeping them from killing people is a bit of paperwork and the threat of jail.
    Me, I don’t care what the law says. I kill as many people as I want to, every single day. That number is zero. Why? Because it’s wrong. I don’t need a “papa in the sky” or a “boy in blue” to tell me that. I know it.
    Those who don’t know it, they’re the psychopaths.

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