How many videos have we seen of thieves shooting store clerks after the clerk has handed over all the money in the register?

The assumption that the anti-gun Left makes is that theft is transactional.  If you give the thief what he wants, you will be unharmed.

That, in and of itself of morally grotesque, but it’s also a lie.

The thief may kill you to stop you from calling the cops, or just for fun.

Every theft is a self defense situation because you cannot tell if the thief will harm you.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Anti-gunners apparently trust thieves”
  1. It’s worse than that. Even if the thief “only” steals things, he’s stealing part of your life.
    Let’s say you make the median wage in the US, around $70k per year. That corresponds to around $35 an hour. Let’s (generously) say that income, sales, property, etc., taxes, come to a bit over 25%, so your “bottom-line” pay is $25 an hour.
    Say the thief steals your flatscreen. Call it $400 for a nice one. That’s likely less than your insurance deductible, so you’re out the replacement cost – or 16 hours’ equvalent earnings, 2 days of work. That’s your life being stolen. But it doesn’t end there. The thief probably broke in, so there’s damage to the house to deal with. Even if your deductible covers that, there’s hours on the phone with the insurance company, hours dealing with repairmen (or if you do it yourself, time is still spent). If you bother to call the police, there are more hours gone. Now how much of your life has the thief stolen? A week? Two? More? And your insurance payment goes up – more life gone.
    And that’s just for one TV. What if the thief steals the $1000 ring you gave your wife as an anniversary present? Or what if he steals the dress watch your grandfather gave you when you graduated high school? More lifespan, but those things also carry with them memories that are literally priceless and irreplaceable.
    Or, what about a car thief? Or “even” a catalytic converter thief? Well, there goes your ability to get around in a timely manner. (Public transit in most of the US isn’t that great; Uber and Lyft tend to be pricey as well, especially in areas where public transport isn’t good. Shocking, I know…) Not only are you missing life here, the thief has taken away your ability to even make your living in an effective fashion.
    And this also completely leaves out the feelings of violation, helplessness (and, if it turns out you know the thief, betrayal) that comes with being robbed.
    Sorry for the ramble on.

  2. Yup, that’s liberals….. until THEY get robbed…
    “Oh, its just “stuff”!!” Right, stuff a thief has zero right to take without buying it. Stuff I paid for. Best thing to do to idiot liberals that say platitudes like this is- hey, I like that shirt. GIVE it to me! How much cash you got? GIVE it to me. When they say no, say hey its just stuff…
    Or say what if after the thief takes your stuff he wants your wife or daughter…. The kind liberal just gonna hand her over??? Like the Florida sheriff said- do us a favor and shoot them…

  3. “Every theft is a self defense situation because you cannot tell if the thief will harm you.”
    And, most States/Jurisdictions recognize that. That very reason is the basis of Castle Doctrine and Stand your Ground laws. If someone is in your home/place of business illegally and they are intent upon stealing or harming you, it is assumed under the law that use of deadly force is warranted. (Conditions apply)
    People like this comment writer are doing little more than demonstrating their lack of knowledge of the law, and the rationale behind the law.

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