Antifa blocks and redirects traffic in Portland. Where were the cops?

You may have seen videos of this event where a group of idiots took over an intersection in Portland and started to redirect traffic as they saw fit including threatening drivers.


So, why didn’t police stopped this? The answer is they went Baltimore:

When asked for comment, Portland Police Bureau’s said that introducing law enforcement to a crowd of people engaged in illegal activity could “change the demeanor of the crowd for the worse.”

“The Police Bureau respects the rights of community members to practice their First Amendment Right to free speech as well the desire of community members to remain safe while traveling and living in the area where free speech events occur,” Portland Police Department Public Information Officer Sergeant Chris Burley told Blue Lives Matter on Monday afternoon.

“These events are dynamic and require the Police Bureau determine how to best respond,” Sgt. Burley continued. “There are times that introducing law enforcement into an event may in turn change the demeanor of the crowd for the worse.”

I am gonna go with the long Left Hand of the Portland Mayor giving standing down orders to the police just like he did with the ICE protestors harassing and interfering with the ICE workers these past months and for which he knows is facing calls for a lawsuit.

If this trend continues, I’d say Portland is due a nice little riot with plenty of arson and assorted property destruction in the name of…something or other Leftist. Well deserved if I may add as you never cuddle feral animals and expect to leave without a scratch.

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