Antifa in Sweden: Disparity of Force.

From what I gathered, this happened last May:

Besides the irony of start chanting Anti-Fascist right after they are done with the guy, this is what we can expect in the near future unless the Liberal have a “come to Jesus” moment and I don’t mean hiring an “undocumented” landscaper.

Bad back or not, I am gonna have to upgrade to midsize pistol with 15 rounds and at least 2 spares. I am as sure as hell not allowing idiots use yours truly as a punching bag and ending in a hospital or morgue…at least not alone.

7 Replies to “Antifa in Sweden: Disparity of Force.”

  1. They need a a sound truck playing either the “Horst Wessel” or the “Internationale.” Maybe some classy uniforms with brown shirts, black shirts, and/or red bandanas?

    People are going to die, and I don’t see the leadership on the left very concerned about that. To quote an earlier revolutionary, “Trust in God boys, and keep your powder dry.”

  2. Whatever you carry, you need to keep it close to you, with the other hand up to ward off the shots to the head with clubs and other stuff that the Antifa crowd like to use on people. I’m sticking with a snubby revolver. It’s not high capacity, but they’ll have trouble getting it away from me, and I can have it tucked up against me for the very close quarters fight that the poor guy in Sweden was facing. The green laser will help me aim.

    Watch your six with a crowd like that, though. I hope to use the perfect defense however and leave the area before something like that happens to me.

    “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure. ”
    — Ellen Ripley

    Stay safe,

  3. I had an encounter with a couple van loads of Jesus (the undocumented landscape types) at a rest area in New Mexico. That reaffirmed my choice to switch from a 1911A1 with 8+1 to a Springfield XD45 with 13+1 for EDC.

    Substitute Antifa for Jesus, and it comes out the same.

    Although I am still convinced once the first one is shot, the rest will scatter, I am not convinced enough to bet my life on it.

  4. If we had open carry in FL, I would have my double stack 1911 (14+1) on me with two spare mags. I think these pussies, once they see a gun, if they charge, they get shot and the rest will scatter like the pussies they are.

  5. Don’t count on them running. We are a mag dump away from Civil War II, and I get the feeling that Antifa and the govt. are planning on that.

    Once the first shots are fired, things are going to get sporty.

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