While all eyes were on Canada, Antifa was still starting shit in Portland.

That shit turned deadly.

1 dead, 5 injured in shooting near Normandale Park in Northeast Portland

Portland police confirmed that one person was killed and at least five others were injured in a shooting near a demonstration against police violence Saturday night. Police had not released information about any arrests as of Sunday afternoon.

Portland police said in a statement that the incident started with a confrontation between an armed homeowner and armed protesters. The Portland Police Bureau described the scene as “extremely chaotic,” and said investigators struggled to get information from witnesses.

Several demonstrators on scene Saturday night told OPB they saw a person come out of a nearby home and confront a group of protesters. The person then reportedly shot into the crowd. It was not immediately clear if more than one person used a weapon.

Mike Macrae was eating dinner in his home next to where the shooting happened.

“I heard a really rapidly escalating argument with obscenities and a woman’s voice yelling at somebody,” Macrae told OPB. “And then I heard a man say, ‘Don’t bring this blank to our neighborhood.’ And then shots. Like a whole bunch close together.”

So it seems like a resident came out and fired into the crowd.

The great Andy Ngo has more information that may prove useful.

Antifa is claiming they shot the homeowner that shot them and are scurrying to delete all the evidence.

Remember that Antifa hates cops… right until they can use the cops against their opponents.

So it is very likely they they provoked the shooting and are deleting video that incriminates them.

And there is more.

So the group that got shot and shot the homeowner has a history of threatening and pointing guns at local residents.

Perhaps they figured they could intimate their way out of another standoff and the person they were in a confrontation with dropped the hammer instead.

Unfortunately I see this getting worse.

Portland’s government is pretty clearly on the side of Antifa, so I expect the homeowner to be prosecuted with maximum prejudice, especially if he has a legitimate claim to self defense (e.g., he told them to be quiet and they pointed guns as him first).

Antifa will only be emboldened to shoot first knowing they their claims of self defense will be accepted by local District Attorney but the self defense claims of anyone who shoots at Antifa will be dismissed.



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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “Antifa may have initiated a shooting war in Portland”
  1. My blood pressure increased by about 25 mmHg watching that video.

    The question is: how quickly could I move away from the shithole?

    1. Normandale Park isn’t very close to me, it’s located well outside of Antifa’s usual stomping grounds in the Hollywood neighborhood.

      For most of the past seven years, Antifa (and later BLM) has stuck to three main targets for their activity: the Portland Police Bureau’s North Precinct*, the PPB’s union office, and various government buildings downtown (e.g., federal courthouse). They would oftentimes hold marches that began in one neighborhood park and went stomping and chanting to another location, usually one of the targets above, but these were generally pretty peaceful. They were loud, snarled traffic, and scared your dog… but that was about it. They walked past and were gone in ten minutes or so**.

      Portland’s protest culture sort of has three “shifts” of participants:

      The “day shift” are your stand-around-and-hold-a-sign, younger Boomer ladies and older Gen-X women in Pussy Hats, Wendy Davis shoes, and Elizabeth Warren shirts with office jobs. They look nice on The Today Show b-roll and the color photographs on the cover of USA Today. They’re harmless and toothless. They leave by 4:00 PM so they can beat the traffic back to their suburban home in time to feed the cats;

      After that comes the “swing shift,” these are your marchers and chanters. Mostly Gen-X and Millennials, raised on the myths of the Hippie anti-war protests and/or lies about the Civil Rights Movement. These are your Bernie Bros and the ones who know how to use social media to market their messages. They don’t personally want to commit crimes like looting or vandalism, but they don’t mind if someone else does it for them. Hence their use of “black bloc” costumes, forming human chains to block cameras, and other methods of providing cover for vandals in their midst. They start to head for home around midnight or so;

      Then comes the “night shift,” these are your active rioters. They don’t give a shit about the politics, really. They just want to burn shit down, steal other people’s property, and make ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence.

      Starting in summer 2020, however, the “night shift” began to show up earlier and earlier in the day. The “swing shift” began to grow increasingly destructive as well. More alarmingly (for the locals) was that they stopped confining themselves to the “acceptable” targets of the North Precinct and federal/city government buildings, and started targeting residential neighborhoods! That was were the “day shift” lived! They were scaring the cats!

      The Normandale Park shooting seems like a good example of this trend.

      * Which I live a few hundred feet up the road from. Joy.

      ** Unless you lived right next to their target, like me.

  2. Interesting. I saw an earlier report that I think might have been the same incident (based on numbers of people reported shot and deceased) that suggested it might have been an Antifa/BLM conflict.

    Ish, thanks for the update, stay safe.

    1. Reading between the lines, I’m thinking the same thing: A clash of egos between two “protesters” led to guns being drawn and bystanders being hit.

  3. This is exactly what the leftists/statists want. An otherwise rational law abiding individual to start the violence.
    Now, they have all the proof they need to claim victim. Demonstrating otherwise is going to be a massive uphill fight.
    Stay frosty out there boys.

  4. Come on down to Polk County with that shit.
    I have my own home and vehicle cameras to make sure the footage makes its way to my attorney and the DAs office.


    1. For those out of state – we have a few islands of common sense around here. I’m technically “behind enemy lines” but we have a (decent) DA and a whole lot of handy tooling and ammo manufacturing components in my neighborhood. I would strongly recommend BLM athletes to keep it in their own yard.

  5. Portland’s government tolerated marching and burning when Trump was president and Ted Wheeler was running for reelection. Now that he is secure and Antifa/BLM are escalating he may turn on them.
    Unrelated is that East of the Cascades the protests are always peaceful because they know the police, sheriffs and DAs won’t tolerate violence.

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