If this wasn’t reported on by the NY Post, I would think it’s a bad Babylon Bee joke.

It’s literally every worst case thing packed I to one scenario.

Jew-hating Palestinian migrant busted for pummeling NY homeowner, swiping pro-Israel flag: cops

A self-described Palestinian migrant from northern Africa stole a pro-Israel flag from a Long Island porch — then pummeled the homeowner who tried to stop him in a wild caught-on-video attack, officials said.

Bechir Lehbeib, 26, allegedly stole the flag — which declared “In This Home We Stand with Israel — from Aleksandr Binyaminov’s porch, cops said.

The homeowner told The Post he was alerted by his Ring security system that someone was at his house and he looked at video of the front of his house to see the theft in progress.

“So I got dressed, came out. I confronted him,” Binyaminov said. “I told him, ‘Give me the flags,’ and he just started fighting with me and punching me in my face.”

“He basically got me in a choke position, threw me on the floor and head butted me. He was saying, ‘I’m from Palestine. You’re killing Jews.’ That’s all he said,” Binyaminov said.

Lehbeib, who descibed himself as Palestinian, entered the U.S.from Mexico in November, authorities said. Officials said they aren’t sure of his country of origin, but said they believe he migrated from somewhere in the northern part of Africa.

We have a terrorist supptorer whi hates Jews come from Africa to Mexico to sneak into the US, where he attacks a Jewish American.

Tell me again how the border isn’t a crisis, and concerns about terrorists sneaking across it from other countries is a racist Right Wing talking point.

My takeaways are this:

The illegal immigration situation is a catastrophe.

More things like this will happen. It’s just a matter of time. Too many unknown bad people have entered already.

DO NOT BREAK YOUR PERIMETER.  Call the cops. Don’t confront the asshole ripping down your flag or yard sign. You don’t know what he’ll do or how badly you will get hurt.

Buy a gun. Train with it. Know how to use it. Be prepared to defend yourself and your home for when this gets worse.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Antisemitic illegal immigrant attacks Jews”
  1. There’s also the small detail that this is, by all appearances, an illegal, not an asylum seeker or refugee.
    As I understand the international standard, the first country an asylum seeker reaches, is where the person should claim asylum. Since this person apparently is from North Africa, but came over the southern border from Mexico … in Mexico he’d have been an asylum seeker or refugee. Here, he’s an illegal.
    If this is incorrect, please, someone who knows better correct me.

    1. That would be the rational rule but it apparently isn’t the actual law, not here and not in various other countries either. For example, the Brits have been dealing with illegal aliens from all over the world sneaking in from France. Their proposed solution is to send them to Rwanda, which seems odd to me — sending them back to France would be simpler and more appropriate.
      Same situation in the USA. If that standard were applied, 98% of illegals crossing the border would be shipped back instantly to Mexico, and that is certainly the way things should be run.

    2. Small correction: An asylum seeker should claim asylum in the first safe country he/she reaches. That’s the international standard. Some refugees must pass through several unsafe nations before reaching a safe one. (Think: Depending on traversability, A Christian family fleeing Pakistan heading West might have to pass through Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon before reaching relative safety in Turkey. They’d have to pass Iran at the very least.)
      The rest is correct: Coming from North Africa (which incidentally, makes him categorically NOT a “Palestinian” unless the fictional nation of Palestine suddenly annexed Egypt, Libya, Morocco, etc., along with Israel … which I’m sure they’d have something to say about), he likely passed through several safe nations before reaching America and should have sought asylum there.
      And that’s separate from “seeking asylum in a safe nation” with the goal of making your destination country less safe for the citizens already there. If I were running things, that would be an automatic revocation of his asylum/refugee status (if he ever had it), he’d be on the first plane back to wherever he came from — not just bussed back over into Mexico — and that nation’s government will receive an invoice for the services.
      The concepts of “seeking safety from persecution” and “bringing persecution into safe nations” are fundamentally incompatible, and our immigration/asylum policies should reflect that. (That they don’t is a topic for another time.)

  2. “Buy a gun. Train with it. Know how to use it. Be prepared to defend yourself and your home for when this gets worse.”
    Well, it is NY, Long Island specifically, so that is out.
    Maybe, maybe if the homeowner is a fine upstanding member of the correct political party, just maybe they will allow him to possess a long gun. Assuming he has all the proper paperwork.
    What really bothers me about this is how the (so-called) “palestinian” felt perfectly justified to destroy another person’s property solely because it represented something he disagreed with. I would be equally bothered if it were the kkk burning a cross on a black man’s lawn.
    And, it is not just this particular jackass’ action that bothers me. It is that millions of people out there are taught from an early age that Jew hatred is justified. And, there are literally millions of people in this country that will still support the unfettered migration of these Jew haters regardless of their crimes strictly because they are afraid of being called islamaphobes.
    The opposite of racism is apathy, not anti-racism. The opposite of anti-Semitism is not celebrating everything Jewish, it is apathy. And, the opposite of islamaphobia is not ignoring their crimes against humanity, it is apathy and treating them equivalent to any other individual that destroys personal property and attacks another person.

    1. My takeaway is: don’t put up something that makes you a target. I don’t have any pro gun, pro patriotic or anti democrat things on my truck or in my yard. I quit flying my gadsden when Trump was elected, but decided against putting it up after the stolen election because I want to go gray…

  3. There’s one more takeaway for me: Don’t be alone. Get to know your neighbors and organize with like-minded people for mutual support. Had this happened at my house, the first thing I would have done was phone my neighbor. He would be in my driveway, armed, in two minutes — just as I’d be in his if he were threatened. If this were a repeated problem, I’d be involving my lodge brothers. Dealing with threats like this is easier when there are two or three of you (or ten or twenty) instead of one.

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