When he returned, he noticed a counter-protester filming him, smirking. Zachary approached to ask if he was being filmed, he said.
“He starts yelling, ‘This guy’s a Nazi! This guy’s a Proud Boy!’ and I think, ‘Oh my god,” Zachary recounted.
An email sent to Billy Penn Saturday night suggested there may have been more to the start of the incident. A person claiming to have seen video of the beginning of the incident and spoken with people involved said Zachary admitted to having also spoken with the Trump supporters, answering a question with a line the person recalled as: “I-I like to talk to both sides, I’m talking to people unlike you guys.” A third party then began yelling about Nazis and the situation escalated, people involved with the interaction supposedly said.
That’s where Zachary’s account picks up. “People surrounded me, then bam-bam-bam, I was pushed, punched, swarmed. I just threw my jacket up over my face — one as protection and two, I don’t want any more people to think I’m a Nazi! Then I look up and all I see is news cameras. The cops basically abandoned me. I’m looking for any car to jump into, and they’re asking, ‘How do we know you’re a Jew?‘”

Jewish man mistakenly identified as Proud Boy attacked at right-wing rally in Philadelphia

The Left’s Mob Rule does not work under any logical premise. Common sense would dictate that you should do a bit of an enquire to an obviously non-engaging person before acting up, but Zachary made a mistake: He came from the wrong side of the street. He violated an arbitrary boundary and that was enough evidence to impose physical violence upon him. And what if he was a Jew? Well, Good Little Jews are supposed to know better and not try to ever be seen violating the rules or their status as protected “species” will be removed and treated accordingly.

There is a sad and dangerous misconception among minorities that only the Democrats and the Left will protect them. Being a minority is only one part of the theater, the other part is that minorities must submit to their political thoughts and rulings. You cannot be black and support Gun Rights. You cannot be Gay and have doubts about liberal politics of  abortion. Any deviation from the dogma, invalidates your status and will make you an enemy of the enlightened and worse, a traitor to the Cause. You will be vilified as a Nazi and attacked accordingly by people who behave exactly the way Nazis did.

Be a little good obedient minority and submit to the ruling of your betters.

There Will Be No Dissidence.

PS: If you are an independently thinking member of a minority and have not bought a rifle yet, you should do that sooner rather than later before you are fitted with a yellow star or a pink triangle.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

2 thoughts on “Anybody I don’t like is a Nazi. Even Jews.”
  1. Too true. I, the son of a Holocaust survivor, have been labeled a Nazi because of my views on immigration. I will say that it was a Reform Jew who did so; don’t think he understands that pushing me to the front of the line won’t save him from the Leftist Holocaust.

  2. Look at Ben Carlson, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas. 3 minority guys who pulled themselves up. They should be looked up to but because they did it without liberal “help” they are shunned.
    Very sad

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