Anybody want to open a steakhouse with me?

I was thinking about the Ted Cruz/Smash Racism DC thing.

If you are a fan of the John Wick movies, you are familiar with the Continental Hotel.  The rules of the hotel are no business can be conducted on the Hotel premises.

I’m wondering if there is a future for a bar and restaurant with several private rooms that operates with similar rules in the DC area.  OF course you’d have to let lobbyists and politicians and what not talk shop there if you want to make any money.  But it would be a “no fighting over politics” zone.

Keep a small staff of security on duty to forcibly eject anybody who starts s fracas.  All staff would have to sign legally binding agreements that they will not engage in partisan or activist activities while on duty or in relation to their job.

Of course, the price and recommended gratuity would reflect the additional services.

In today’s climate, sure, some activists will hate you, but I think there are a lot of people in DC that would patron that.

7 Replies to “Anybody want to open a steakhouse with me?”

  1. I strongly believe in minding my own business, but.

    Any idiots that decide they can disturb my meal in a public restaurant by protesting someone else will be confronted. I will request that management do so first. If management will not step up, I will. I will be calm, professional and firm that they will leave immediately.

    If we all do so, this tactic would cease.

    1. We shouldn’t have to intervene – that is managements job. The establishments that allow such gauche behavior are condoning it by their inaction. Period. They should be badly rated on one of the sites like YELP – enough bad reviews regarding them allowing such conduct would hit them right where it hurts, square in the pocket book.

  2. Guys with the right strength and leverage can remove anyone disrupting dinner without needing guns (but it would be nice). Plus, you can control entrance by demanding a credit card to hold before seating with a notice that if you create or cause a disturbance you will be charged a $1000 nuisance fee. Controlled entrance keeps the peeps from bumrushing the place, and the fee keeps all but a select few assholes from reserving a table just so they can start crap. And when they do, you take that $100 and donate it to the NRA or something, just to piss them off even more.

    I like the plan.

  3. Nice to see many think like I do. Hard to believe ANY business would let that happen, but if they do everyone should be told and stop goin there.

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