The other day, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did another one of her live streams to her followers on Instagram.

Instead of demonstrating her ignorance about garbage disposals or explaining how growing climate-appropriate crops was racist, she decided to shit on the memory of the Holocaust.

Yes, really.

She claimed that the detention centers on America’s southern border are concentration camps.  And if that is not enough of an invocation of Nazism, she had to include saying “never again.”

Also, just as a side note, she also immediately dismisses anybody who disagrees with her assessment as lacking any sort of humanity or morality.  Her’s is not an opinion, it is right, and to disagree with this is evil.

The thing is, she’s factually wrong.  Like just about always.

Due to Federal law, political squabbling, and some court decisions, the government has created a disastrous situation that many people are taking advantage of on our southern border.

Any person who enters the United States under any condition and says the word “asylum” must be processed through the immigration courts.  Border Patrol or INS cannot say “you’re not from a country suffering from a recognized humanitarian crisis, no asylum for you.”  An asylum claim requires a hearing, and we don’t have enough judges or lawyers to process people quickly.

Any person who comes to the US with a child and claims asylum can only be held apart from their child for 72 hours.

As a result of this and other things, people who enter the United States illegally with a child and claim asylum are essentially let go into the US after three days, with a notice to appear in the future at an asylum hearing.  If they don’t show up for it, they can be deported, but there is no great movement to find, arrest, and deport these people.

Pretty much our government has created a magic word that allows anybody who can get two feet inside the US border to stay in the US illegally indefinitely.

Because of the value of children as a “get out of jail in 72 hours” card, children are being smuggled back and forth across the border and recycled to be used as cover for multiple illegal immigrants.

As a result, over 100,000 people per month are pouring across our Southern border.  We’re not talking just about people who came on foot from Central or South America.  People from Africa and other parts of the world are traveling to Mexico to cross illegally into the United States.

We have no idea who they are, if they are criminals or terrorists, what diseases they might have – remember that there is an Ebola breakout in the Congo right now.

Our usual processing centers are full so the Federal government has had to build tent cities along the border to hold and process these people as best they can.

The Federal government is not kicking down doors to mass arrest American citizens because of their ethnicity or the color of their skin.  They are not starving and working people to death, or gassing them and burning their bodies.  The Federal government is trying to process a hundred thousand people per month who are crossing into the United State by swimming across a river or hopping a fence in the desert.

By every objective standard, there is nothing similar between a Concentration Camp and what is happening at the US border.

When that was pointed out, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doubled down.

So after slandering what Border Patrol/INS is doing on the border as concentration camps in the most Nazi sense of the term by invoking “never again” she does for broke and wants to change the terminology of what the Nazis to justify her stance.

Also, the part of “the mass detention of civilians without trial” is horseshit since these are people being held while waiting for a hearing.  A trial is the next step for these people.

Congresswoman At Large fo Wyoming, Liz Chaney called AOC out for her ridiculous and offensive comparison and AOC shot back with more nonsensical Social Justice horseshit.

This is so insane I can’t parse it.  Congresswoman Cheney didn’t defend concentration camps, and I’m not sure how “exterminated” co-opts the language of the oppressor.  That is exactly what happened.

This is crazy-eyes, batshit insanity.

Temporarily detaining people who wantonly, flagrantly, and willfully violated US law until we can do some paperwork on them is in no way tantamount, let alone similar to the systematic mass arrest, imprisonment, and extermination of a group of people because of their religion and/or ethnicity.

Holding people who broke immigration law is not dehumanizing.  Calling Jews rats and vermin, or depicting them as octopuses trying to take over the world is dehumanizing.

I have not heard one Republican use language about illegal immigrants that in any way is equivalent to what the Nazis said about Jews.

I have heard a Democrat Congresswoman say that the Jews have hypnotized the world to ignore their evil.

I could go on and on, for those that care about objective facts, but the group Americans Against Antisemitism did a really nice bullet point breakdown of this.

I would say, Dov Hikind is wrong about one thing.  Nazi concentration camps did have doctors, they just didn’t treat patients.

Speaking of which, have there been any reports of illegal immigrants vivisected or twins sewn together?  I haven’t heard of any.

You’d think that something this viciously wrong would be easy to condemn, but the media is so in against Trump and so in support of AOC, that they too had to defend this ludicrous position.

Because “never again” hasn’t become something associated with Jewish education about the Holocaust?  That seems to be the tip-off right there.

That was so terrible that the Auschwitz Memorial had to correct him.

In Roman times, when a man embarrassed himself in public as badly as Hayes did, he was forced to regain his honor by placing the pommel of his sword on the ground and falling onto the blade.  Some intern needs to fetch Chris Hayes a sword.

A Leftist historian decided to jump into equating our border situation with Japanese internment and trying to back up AOC.

This may be a fine “well actually…” but it makes the same point.  Japanese Americans, as in US citizens (born or naturalized) and legal immigrants were rounded up out of their homes in the US.  They were also going to be held for an indeterminate amount of time (as long as the war lasted).

That is different than the temporary detainment of illegal border crossers.

One Tweet I saw in this thread made me wish I had Twitter just to respond.

Zerlina Maxwell is a political contributor at MSNBC.

She’s deep in the Lefty bubble, but it’s clear that she doesn’t realize that we on the Right know all about Japanese internment.  It is one of the reasons that many of us are gun owners.  It is also something that we point out every time a Democrat praises President FDR for one Progressive reason or another.

It’s always really sad when you discover how little Democrats know about the horrible atrocities other Democrats have done to POCs.  Japanese Interment, the Trail of Tears, and Jim Crow being on that list.  Maxwell assumes white people don’t know because I doubt she’s ever talked to a Conservative white person.

And just to drive home the insanity of all of this, here is George Takei to be an utter fool on this topic.

A man who was thrown into a concentration camp by Democrats as a child comes out to defend another Democrat for trivializing concentration camps.

Progressivism causes brain damage, there is no way around that fact.

There is one logical reason that AOC and the radical Left has chosen to trivialize the enormity of the Holocaust or even Japanese internment, and that is because they have no alternative.

Temporary detainment in tent cities is a terrible option but it is what INS has been reduced to by Congressional inaction.

If this is equated to concentration camps and the public demands the end of this practice, what else is there?  How does the government hold and process over 100,000 people per month?

It can’t.  Catch and release simply defaults or open borders.

What AOC is doing is deliberately misusing the history of the Holocaust and insulting the victims to manipulate America into an open borders position.

It is ugly, evil, vile, and antisemitic, and totally on brand for the Progressive Left in the United States.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “AOC and her fawning media hit new heights for antisemtism”
  1. Don’t forget that Takei hired a guy to run his anti-gun group who endorsed putting gun owners into camps if the courts/rule of law said it was ok.

  2. Socialist Democrats need to keep the rage dialed-up; fluffed, if you will. AOC is the Socialist Democrat’s rage-fluffer. That’s her role and she does it well. Once a bar-tender. Now, a rage-fluffer.

  3. It’s good to see that some of these people recognize the US once had concentration camps. But unfortunately they all forget to mention that they were built and filled under the rule of St. Franklin.

  4. She conveniently left out how it was our first democrat dictator for life FDR who ran these camps. He also sent the SS St. Louis back to Germany so that the Jews on board could be killed by the National Socialist covered up the Holdomor and Holocaust, and sent members of his own brain trust to Italy to learn from Benito Mussolini.

    1. Don’t forget that the “Progressives” master-minded atrocities like the Tuskegee Syphillis Experiment and forced sterilization of “undesirables”. Their “forward-looking” policies inspired their fellow socialists to go much further with medical experimentation and eliminating the unwanted.

  5. One question- where was aoc and the rest of these morons when obammy was doing the exact same thing??

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