Remember earlier this year, Amazon canceled its plan to put its second headquarters (dubbed HQ2) in Queens, New York City.  Everyone agreed that this was largely Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fault for her supposedly “working-class” activism, which was really anti-corporate socialism.

Well, Amazon announced it would be opening a marketing office in Manhattan and Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and her fawning Leftist media couldn’t help but try and use this to dunk all those that criticized her for the failure of HQ2.

And from Gizmodo:

Amazon Drags Its Sorry Ass to NYC Anyway, No Tax Dollars Required

You can feel the gloating hatred come through those words.

This AOC victory isn’t exactly a big win.

HW2 was slated to create 25,000-40,000 direct jobs in 10 years, in fact, its tax breaks were dependent on it making certain hiring mile markers.  Those jobs would be spread across many socio-economic layers, from support staff to programmers to business managers and executives.

HQ2 was going to be built on what is now a semi-vacant lot in a grungy part of Queens.  Vacant lots and dilapidated buildings are bad for the local economy.  The construction of HQ2 would be part of the economic revitalization of the area.

The construction was going to create secondary jobs for the people who actually built the HQ2 building.  There were also a lot tertiary jobs that were going to be created in the area for people who were going to support the new Amazon hires, such as the guy I wrote about who was planning to expand his pizza place to meet the expected lunch demand for the additional 25,000 jobs.

In lieu of that, Amazon is going to lease office space in an existing building and bring in 1,500 nearly all white-collar jobs.

No new construction, no economic revitalization and only 6% of the number of new Jobs.  Given the location and type of jobs that are going to be created, none will go to her constituents, unlike HQ2 jobs which would have been created in withing a couple of blocks of her Congressional district.

She went on some Twitter thread how ackshyually this was good because corporate welfare or some shit like that.

Considering the number of jobholders fleeing NYC over their taxes some corporate tax breaks to create 25,000 jobs is more of an attempt to slow the hemorrhage than it is corporate welfare.

Only in the mind of a socialist does killing 25,000-40,000 jobs, a major construction project, and area economic revitalization, for 1,500 marketing jobs seem like a good trade.

This is why the Soviet Union collapsed.

That said, I’d love to see someone borrow $25,000 from her, pay her back $1,500, then say “what are you complaining about, you came out ahead?”

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By J. Kb