Congresswoman gave her voice to an illustrated video that is “A Message From the Future” and a sales pitch for the Green Leap Forward New Deal.

This the Green New Deal’s Triumph of the Will.  I do not say that lightly.

The very first thing to note, I will break down some more specific things later, is that this is pure environmentalism as advocacy for socialism.

A guaranteed jobs program, living wages and dignified work for everyone, healthcare for all, does nothing to save the environment.  What it does is consolidate more and more power in the hands of the government.  This is eco-tyranny.

That message is sufficient to damn this whole video straight to hell.

But because I am bored, I am going to nitpick my way through this video.

Can anybody explain to me how we are going to build a bullet train from NYC to DC?  Assuming she is borrowing from the Japanese bullet train model, those train only go 200 mph on the long distance routes through relatively rural areas.  There are just too many roads, highways, and cities that these trains will have to pass through at much slower speeds to make 200 MPH feasible.  This is essentially what killed the CA bullet train.  The only way to make a NYC to DC bullet train possible is to use massive amounts of eminent domain to clear long, relatively straight lengths of uninterrupted track between major hubs a hundred miles apart.

Take a look at this still:

You know what I can’t see being in this picture?  A non-self hating, Israel supporting Jew or a patriot who remembers the lessons of 9/11.

News broke yesterday in Conservative circles that Rashida Tlaib was, once again, hanging around with a Palestinian activist who advocates on social media for the mass murder of Jews.  There isn’t a genocidal Jew hater she won’t take a selfie with.  I think the reason she has escaped the media noise that Omar has, is that she’s more quiet about her feelings.

The “most deserve” Congress is also made up of the largest group of antisemities, socialists, grifters, and and people who insult the history of America as any Congress before.  If this is an advertisement for increasing diversity in Congress, it’s bad.

Maybe I’m being overly sensitive in all of this but the other thing I saw in this is that the  only white males who were not specific, named people were stand-ins for the evil characters of Exxon and Republicans.

The technical minutia of the video starts in 1977, with environmentalist James Black.  The it jumps to 1988 and projections by Dr. Hansen about global warming.

It is important to note that both of these men predicted cataclysmic climate change in the same 10-20 year span that AOC does.  In the 42 years since Black or 31 years since Hansen made their predictions, the climate apocalypse has not happened.  We’re all supposed to be dead right now according to the models these men put out, but we’re not.  To rational people, that should be enough to discredit them.  For the environmental theologian, just because the world didn’t end when they foretold, doesn’t mean their faith is bad, they just read the tea leaves wrong and their next prediction will happen just as they promised.

Next unbelievable still:

The rhino is not being wiped out by climate change.  It is being wiped out by African poachers who are killing them for their horns to sell to rich Chinese men who use them for traditional boner powder.

China is a strange nation in that it has the wealth and technology of a modern, Western nation, but has the superstitions and cultural practices of a undeveloped, Third World nation.  That leads to situations like Dot Com millionaires spending huge sums of money to rub endangered animal parts on their penises and a black market trade worth billions.

My big block American made V8 has killed fewer rhinos or tigers than the executive of the Chinese company that makes AOC’s designer shoes.

She jumps from this to Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico.

It is scientifically illiterate bullshit to blame the trajectory of intensity of a single hurricane on global warming.

Hurricane Andrew struck Miami in 1992, I know, I was there.  It had the same 175 mph winds, and only 2 mbar higher pressure than Hurricane Maria (920 for Maria and 922 for Andrew) which struck 25 years later.  The reason Maria killed over 3,000 people and Andrew only killed 15 people directly was the infrastructure of Florida vs. Puerto Rico.

To be blunt, Hurricanes don’t kill people, poverty and corrupt governments combined with Hurricanes kill people.

Maria wasn’t a climate change disaster.  It was a corruption and mismanagement disaster.

On the heels of being wrong about Maria, she goes to the “we only have 12 years to change everything” talking point.

There is a reason we talk about the planet in terms of epocs, and ages, and geological time frames.  The Laurentide Ice Sheet took 75,000 years to advance and recede across Canada and into the Mid West of the United States.

The El Niño–Southern Oscillation cycle, which as been documented back to the 1800’s, occurs every 5-7 years or so.  These people want me to believe that irreparable damage to our atmosphere is possible in two El Niño cycles?  I’m not buying that.

And how do we fix the environment?  We upend the economy from this:

To this:

That is naked Communism.

A total economic upheaval with a centrally planned economy will neither help the people or the environment.

Why do so few people point out the environmental record of Russia or China and just how bad it is.

How will she do this?  A federal jobs guarantee, creating make work jobs for people who don’t want to work to show up and get paid to be useless.

She’s right about one thing in this whole video.  There is a labor shortage.  It exists because too many millennial like her don’t know how to swing a hammer and think that it is work that is beneath them.  We have far too many liberal arts majors from Boston University who know how great socialism is, but can’t pick up a torch and run a bead.

She IS the problem, not the solution.

Sorry to her little friend Iliana, but I worked in the oil industry.  Nobody is going to pay north of $100K per year to have oil workers forced out of their job plant mangroves in Louisiana.

Besides, that wording “some oil workers in transition” sounds ominously dystopian.  Transition from what?  Just new jobs or are they having to be cleansed (in a Maoist sense of the word) for having once been oil industry employees.

Maybe forcing them out of lucrative oil jobs into menial, environmental jobs at much lower pay is a form of Progressive penance.

Her little friend Iliana is some sort of superhero who decides after a while to just become a solar plant engineer, then give that up to make just as much money as a day care instructor.

AOC wants to pay these people “real money” which is, of course, mandated and not market driven, once again pushing a centrally planned economy.

Really Iliana seems to be the environmental version of Obama’s Life of Julia where because of Obama, this fictional girl is taken care of cradle to grave and because tax payers cover her various costs, she can work part time in a community garden as a job.  It was so bad that even MSNBC had to mock it.  This time because of AOC and the green new deal, Iliana can go to college and do whatever she wants because the centrally planned economic bureaucracy will always make work for her.

Of course it never works like that, but AOC can dream communist dreams.

When she gets to Hurricane Sheldon, that’s just dumb.  I’ve been through Category 4 and 5 hurricanes in Florida.  It’s rough on the beaches but one the storm surge passes it’s all done.  Very little flooding happens during hurricane because Miami has a network of canals engineered specifically to drain storm water back out to Biscane Bay.

If there is one thing that city did right (especially after Andrew) was engineer for hurricane protection.

New Orleans flooded because it was literally below the level of the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain, and levees that kept the water out of the city had not been adequately maintained in 50 years.

The idea of Miami suffering from a New Orleans type flood is both geographically wrong but an insult to the good people of South Florida who worked hard to harden the city against hurricanes.

This part was pure bullshit.

She says that her system is “wealthy” as well as “dignified and humane” then says it has as a universal right “meaningful work for all.”

How does that circle get squared?

Does for all include the junkies that are shitting all over Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco?  What about the high school dropouts in Chicago or the kids who can’t read in DC?  What about the PROMISE Program kids in Miami?

Hell, not even those extreme examples.  What about the woman that fucks up every order I’ve ever places at McDonalds?

How exactly do we create dignified and meaningful work that pays good wages for lazy, indolent, and stupid people?

This was tried in South Dakota.  The was a program created to put impoverished and unemployed Natives to work.  It turns out most were impoverished and unemployed because they were drunk and had dropped out of school.  That’s sad, but they knew they couldn’t get fired and the program had to give out paychecks, so in the end, for all the reasons that bureaucracies are awful, the path of least resistance was to pay these people to show up to the job site drunk and let them sit around all day, then cut them a paycheck.

A national program like this of any kind would be an economic disaster and degrade real meaningful work.

When I think about nations with centrally planned economies that promised programs like this, I don’t think of dignity.  I think of poor people eating out dumps as the economy crumbles.

So once again we go back to super woman Iliana, who rebuilt wetlands, was a solar plant engineer, day care instructor, then Congresswoman, all coming from the barrio in NYC that AOC drove jobs out of, you can see how AOC thinks of herself.  This is how she imagines herself to be, an accomplished superhero.

Just like the fictional Iliana, it’s unrealistic bullshit.

This socialist, centrally planned economy will never happen.

“We can be whatever we have the courage to see.”

When she says that in relation to her proposed ideas I don’t see this:

I see this:

And this:

Employees work behind empty counters in the deli section of a grocery store in Caracas, Venezuela, on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018. Hordes of desperate shoppers emptied supermarkets and bodegas last week after President Nicolas Maduro ordered hundreds of grocery stores slash their prices in the latest attempt to put a lid on hyperinflation. Photographer: Carlos Becerra/Bloomberg via Getty Images


The question is, do the rest of us have the courage to see AOC’s brand of socialism for what it really is?


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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “AOC Brave Green World, the movie”
  1. Let us also not forget that when Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal was brought before the Senate for a vote “AOC” lobbied members of her own party to vote AGAINST it. She then did victory laps on Twitter and TV, celebrating that she’d put one over on Orange Man and Sen. McConnell by getting the progressives in the Senate to vote AGAINST the Green New Deal.

  2. The question isn’t whether this is communism and an all-out attempt to destroy the western world. It doesn’t get any more obvious than that.

    The question is whether it can be stopped. With the lying, corrupt media constantly running stories about how many people think socialism is wonderful and how many people believe the environmentalist bullcrap she spews, that makes people who don’t know it’s bullcrap lean to their side.

    How do we keep this from getting pushed through and becoming law?

    1. SGB;
      Eventually you have to get to the point that ‘kinetic action’ moves from the realm of fantasy to reality. Then one hitches up one’s pants and “hoists the black flag” etc, etc.

      Since that’s a Really Big Step™ it usually doesn’t happen until the situation is so bad that a majority of the population simply can’t stand it anymore. cf Romania, a wall, an impromptu firing squad and protests in utter incredulous amazement that the game was over.

      We aren’t at that point….yet.

      1. Soap Box;
        Ballot Box;
        Jury Box;
        Cartridge Box.

        The U.S. still seems to be in the ballot box stage, although some individual states (i.e., California) are in the jury box stage.

        Brexit, the Gilets Jaunes, and other such nonsense in Europe seems to indicate they’re in the jury box stage… and yet the masses are still trying to get the soap box to work.

        Venezuela is definitely in the cartridge box phase… They just don’t have any.

  3. “New Orleans flooded because it was literally below the level of the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain, and levees that kept the water out of the city had not been adequately maintained in 50 years.”
    Partly that, and partly the fact that they weren’t levees. They were essentiallly overgrown Jersey barriers.
    A levee (dike) is shaped like a triangle, like Hoover Dam. The pictures I saw of the things around New Orleans showed concrete walls set on narrow T-shaped foundations. Those work fine as decoration, but if you put more than a foot or two of water against them, they will necessarily topple.
    The way to build levees that work is to ask Dutch water management engineers for tips. But it’s clear that the bureaucrats at NO who did the work had never looked at real water barriers and had no notion of elementary physics.

    1. Those levee boards were sinecures and channels for graft. Not one of them took their job seriously.

      1. Except, I suppose, the people living nearby who were fed the lie that these widgets were actual water barriers rather than merely payoffs to fellow criminals?

    2. Making them sloped uses more material and takes more time than making them flat. So some bureaucrat somewhere along the line took a glance at the plans for the levies, got out his eraser, and just erased all that “extra” material. Then he patted himself on the back, pocketed a portion of the “extra” money, and his coworkers gave him a Service Award for “saving” the tax payers unnecessary “extra” expense.

      It’s not his fault that reality failed to conform to the Five Year Plan.

  4. They left out the following scenes.

    1. Political prisoners under the watchful eye’s of a zampolit, digging ditches on a 400 calorie a day diet, 14 hr workday schedule followed up by 4 hr political lectures.

    2. Mass graves filled with Christians, Jews, and political dissidents.

    3. Occasional Cortex ranting on a TV screen about “wreckers, saboteurs, and spies” as the country falls apart.

    4. The state’s goon-squads of gang members, illegal aliens, and insane asylum rejects brutalizing the population.

    1. Running dog imperialist propaganda! There are no political prisoners in Ocasiotopia! There are no mass graves, those funny shaped rocks people keep digging up outside of Sandersgrad are not human skulls found in unique geological deposits. They are not mass graves.

      Ocasiotopia has always been at war with Europistan.

  5. I wonder about the significance of that first screen shot, the one that shows no men at all. And is that Anita Hill on the right front?

    1. Don’t you know?
      To the Social Justice Warrior Wymnyz, men are unnecessary, less than useless complications in life, only tolerated if they transgender ASAP.

        1. I had to look that one up.

          I don’t think that any of that demoncrap congressional koffeeklatch & their minions qualifies for membership in that club though.

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