Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really loves the trope of the noble savage.

She has, on multiple occasions, talked or Tweeted about “indigenous wisdom.”

On Saturday, she spoke at a Bernie rally where she blamed climate change for Australia’s wildfires and promised that Bernie will fix it.

“But there are several ways in which Senator Sanders distinguishes himself. One way is that he has one of the most ambitious climate plans in the country, period.  His Green New Deal is a solution that actually attempts to be on the scale of the crisis. If you want to know what we risk if we don’t act adequately on climate, look at what is happening in Australia right now. The fires are so big they can’t even fight them anymore. We’re seeing three days of the hottest days on record happening in a row. People are trapped. Species are going endangered in a very small period of time. We belong to the Earth, not the other way around.”

The climate change that is causing wildfires in Australia today has little to do with modern, developed nations driving cars, and more to do with “indigenous wisdom” 65,000 years ago.

Prior to the arrival of the Aborigines, Australia was mostly temperate or tropical rainforest.  Some of that rainforest can still be seen in Wet Tropics of Queensland.

When the Aborigines arrived, they began a method of agriculture known as fire-stick farming.  This can best be described as “burning everything to ash as far as the eye can see.”

The result was a complete denudation of trees in the middle of the content.  Rainforests are self-sustaining.  Burn down all the trees and the climate changes, preventing new forest growth.

The Outback is not a natural desert, it was created by indigenous Australians.  This process also killed off most of Australia’s native megafauna.

All one has to do is look next door to Australia to New Zealand, where fire-stick farming was not practiced to see an island nation that is mostly tropical and temperate forest.

I doubt this is the type of “indigenous wisdom” that she intends to promote, but that is the reality of speaking from ignorance and ideology instead of facts.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “AOC, the Noble Savage, and Australia’s wildfires”
  1. Marketing works.

    The “noble savage” idea is as old as the hills. The Pilgrims were saved by the Indians, the ancient Egyptians held secrets to health and beauty, etc…yada, yada, yada… Facts be damned, I believe the fairy story.

    And, AOC is no different than any other lightly educated leftist. In her world, the ancients live in peace and harmony with the world, and it is modern white man greed that is screwing the world up. How much better would the world be if we just returned to that simpler time, when the natives only took exactly what they needed from the Earth’s bounty, and they returned as much. (As if that ever happened.)

    Let’s also not forget that in her mind, the human race can somehow return to this idyllic Na’vi existence, yet still hold onto all the modern conveniences she enjoys.

  2. AOC is nothing more or less than a poorly educated fanatic ‘intellectual’ who’s been fed the socialist lie since birth. Like any child, she was a dry sponge ready to soak up whatever bullshit she was exposed to.

    Of course, she’s like any other politician who has gained a cushy seat on the .gov gravy train and seen the light.

    Her apparent abandonment of any constituent services for her district (which just might be the nails in her political coffin if a ‘good’ demoncrap decides to run against her) to campaign for Bernie is no more than a down payment for a promise she probably got to be nominated for a cabinet seat.
    More than likely either Labor, Commerce or Agriculture.

    I wonder what will be going through her mind when the Bern finally decides to drop out and (we can hope) someone primaries her like she did to Joe Crowley.

  3. Typical. She’s endorsing something she doesn’t understand, that never actually happened like she thinks, and it basically comes down to “Fire Bad!”

    If she was a genuine Republican deep cover plant, would she say anything any different?

    1. Interesting idea. A Republican deep cover plant.

      Well, putting aside the fact that it is unlikely anyone on the Republican side is smart enough to think of that, and actually carry it out. Then there is the fact that acting stupid 100% of the time is actually quite difficult to pull off. Actors that play stupid idiots in movies and on TV are generally quite smart.

      AOC is not smart. She thinks she is, and she tries to be, but to date… nothing. This woman is in fact a moron.

      Then again. If the GOP wanted to put an agent provocateur in place, why not have an actual moron do the dirty work?

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