Biden’s DOJ ENDS Trump national security program set up to combat Chinese espionage following complaints it discriminated against Asian-American professors and led to failed prosecutions of academics

The Justice Department is ditching the China Initiative, a national security program designed to tackle Chinese economic espionage in the US after a string of cases collapsed amid complaints it was fueling suspicion against Chinese Americans.

It was launched by the Trump administration three years ago amid concerns of intellectual property theft at research universities.

Matthew Olsen, assistant attorney general for national security, announced a change of strategy Wednesday.

He said it followed a months-long review that found it was preventing universities attracting top talent.

Instead, he said the work would continue as part of a broader strategy that included spying by Iran and North Korea.

‘Anything that creates the impression that the Department of Justice applies different standards based on race or ethnicity harms the department and our efforts, and it harms the public,’ he told reporters.

This is chef’s kiss

The Biden Administration gives China the ability to steal our intellectual property and scientific research and he can justify it as anti-discrimination.

Oh, but there’s more.

Biden Touts Chinese-Backed Company at Made in America Event

The White House on Tuesday featured a mining company partially owned by a Chinese mining conglomerate at an event dedicated to strengthening the domestic supply chain.

President Joe Biden announced at the event that the Pentagon would award $35 million to the Las Vegas-based MP Materials in an effort to boost U.S. rare mineral production. But MP Materials has arguably allowed China to tighten its grip on the world’s rare earth minerals supply chain. Shenghe Resources Holding, which is partially owned by the Chinese government, owns 8 percent of the company. Shenge spearheaded the deal in 2017 to help MP Materials purchase a mine at Mountain Pass, Calif., out of bankruptcy. The Chinese company is also MP Materials’s largest customer, accounting for nearly all of its $100 million annual revenue.

James Kennedy, a consultant in the rare earth minerals industry, has raised concerns about other Pentagon grants to MP Materials. Kennedy called Shenghe’s investment in MP Materials a “geopolitical ruse” that helps China maintain a monopoly on the rare earth minerals market.

The rare earth minerals that are critical for computer chips, electronics, and the defense industry.

Biden is letting strategic resources stay in the monopolistic control of China.

The cost of the intellectual property and mineral needs of the United States was $30 Million and a 3-carat diamond.

Pretty cheap if you ask me.  The Chinese got one hell of a bargain when Biden got elected.

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By J. Kb